Bland hair!!

Hair Inspiration

School holidays are upon us again and being a mother myself i found myself amongst the madness of a children’s Ball park. It was absolutely packed which is great for the business owner in such hard times. Eventually  i found a seat to collapse into and let my son disappear into the madness whilst i relaxed and flicked through a magazine, however,  i do enjoy people watching so after a few moments of catching up with the celebrity gossip i  started gazing around and studying the moms that surrounded me and their hair. BLAND is the only word for it……. colourless, unwashed and tied back hair is all i could see before me.  Now don’t get me wrong i’m a working mom myself so i completely understand how hard it is to have time to blow dry your hair every morning, but please….. just because money is a little tight at the moment does’nt mean we have to become Black & white. All i could see before me was Bland brunettes, Blondes taken over by their roots and not one vibrant red or copper head in sight.  If your hairdresser is doing their job properly they can advise you on Colour applications that  don’t involve breaking the bank.  We have sooooo many beautiful colours that are not only lower maintenance but make your hair glossy and fabulous.  Colouring your hair infuses the hair with so  many conditioning agents that alone will make the condition look & feel great before you’ve even had it trimmed. As for having the time to wash and dry  your tresses every morning, well …..with the right tools and right products  a quick blast of the hair dryer and application of great styling products you can achieve red carpet glamour in an instant. Just take a look at the celebs and today’s fashion, it’s not blow dried to perfection hair or a work of art ,it’s disheveled, boho, sexy and relaxed hair, long or short.  Never has there been  such a perfect image for us hard working moms.  Semi permanent colours are cheaper than permanent colours,  lower maintenance and don’t leave you with roots, they come in warm winter browns, honey blondes and raving reds & coppers. Hi-lights can be hidden under your parting so you don’t see the regrowth so much, The options are endless.

Because we work so hard, whether its at the office or as a full time mom & house wife we deserve a little pamper time and at the salon is where you can get this. Just think ….. leave the kids at home( we do 2 late night openings), be pampered for a couple of hours ( I can guarantee a scalp massage at the basins will be bliss!) and walk out feeling like a goddess again after having a tidy up and colour refresh applied or even a couple of foil Hi-lights at the front to lift your complexion again ,then finished off with blow dry. Come on  ladies lets not fall into the mumsey trap ,money may be tight but  there are other things to sacrifice other than your hair after all it is the gown you never take off!!!!