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I simply can’t live without……..

Face creams, make-up, body lotion and hair care products………..most of us have a dressing table full of these products to help us look beautiful and stay younger for longer but what if you had to choose just three……… which would you choose?  I asked each of the Caprio’s Stylists to choose their TOP THREE ‘Simply can’t live without’ products………

Here’s our Style Director Adele ‘s TOP THREE products……

No 1 Product:Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Costs: £16.79 200ml

I can’t live without this product because apart form the smell being beautiful( it really does smell like whipped cream….yum!) it leaves your hair feeling beautiful too. Its a product that you can feel makes an instant difference to the condition and texture of your hair. I use it most of my clients after their hair has been cleansed and before i apply styling products, as you would a detangler product.


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No 2 Product: Smoothing Cream

Brand- No-Inhibition

Costs: £15.39 2000ml

I cant live without this products because  its a light cream formula that doesn’t make the hair feel sticky or firm  whilst providing a natural hold, shine. perfect for smoothing the hair when blow drying.


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No3 Product: Styling Potion


Costs: 15.99 175ml

I cant live without this product because it provides a natural hold so you don’t feel like you’ve got any product in the hair but still helps me create smooth shiny results. I absolutely LOVE the smell and even though this is a new product line in the salon…….i love it already!