Hair Extensions Aftercare

Below you will find a complete guide of ‘dos and don’ts’ for when you have had hair extensions fitted. You should stick by the rules provided and your extensionist will also run through this with you during your appointment.

Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

  • Possibly the most important – keep your hair extensions clean! You should regularly wash your hair to stop your bonds from softening and shedding but how often you wash your hair depends on your hair type. However, we advise that you wash it as soon as you see/ feel the oil.
  • Only use recommended products. Your extensionist will recommend a range of products to you to use which are hair extension friendly, as using the wrong products can resort to bonds breaking down, shedding, or discolouring.
  • Rinse thoroughly. You should ensure you rinse your hair completely free from any products such as shampoo as it can leave residue behind which causes the hair extensions to be unclean and as stated in step 1, keeping your hair extensions clean is essential.
  • Conditioner must be used on every wash. The best way to condition your hair is to only condition from your neck down, with the recommended products and leave it for a few minutes before applying to the rest of the hair for the last minute then rinse thoroughly.
  • We recommend you wash your hair in the shower and not hanging your head upside down over a bath as this can cause tangling. Gently towel dry your new hair, do not rough it up with your towel, this applies to anyone not just those of you with extensions, your hair is a delicate fabric treat it as you would your best dress!
  • Don’t put any sort of tension on the bonds. This means that when you are brushing or combing your hair, you should hold the hair at the roots and start from the bottom and work your way up. Also, if possible, you should tie your hair up loosely when sleeping, whether this is in either a loose plait or bun etc.
  • Dry your hair immediately after washing it and use medium heat to do so. Concentrate on drying the root section first (the bonds) and then moving onto the length of the hair – ensure the hair is completely dry before finishing.
  • Included in your first extension fitting is a brush for you to take home. Great Lengths extensions can be brushed from root to tip, you do not need to avoid the bonds when brushing. In fact, we encourage you to brush your extensions at least twice a day to avoid tangling or matting at the root area.
  • Once a week we suggest you gently tease apart any extensions you feel have become entwined with another, you can do this whilst you watch TV.
  • Act immediately if there is a problem. If in the unfortunate case that you do experience anything which you believe isn’t right, please seek help from your extensionist as often problems can be fixed but if they are left too long, it could result in damage to your natural hair.