Ghd Air Dryer VS Dyson hair dryer

Buying a new hair dryer might seem like an easy task and you might not usually put much thought into which one you buy. They all do the same thing right? …..well pretty much yes but blow drying your hair correctly or efficiently is the difference between a great blow dry that lasts for a couple of days or a blow dry that lasts the day.

As a hairdresser we spend a lot of time perfecting the art of blow drying hair so it last as long as possible. I’m also from the era when most ladies visited the salon on a weekly basis to have their hair professionally styled so it lasted a week…..yep a whole week! times have moved on since then what with the aid of heated styling tools and lifestyle changes that’s fast becoming a thing of the past. However at Caprio’s we pride ourselves on blow drying your hair properly, not just blasting it dry and doing the rest with straightners, anybody can do that!

We currently use ghd ‘Air’ Dryers in the salon and have done for many years now. they very rarely let us down and I mean very rarely. Considering how much use they get I can’t fault them at all. I recently had the opportunity to try the new Dyson hairdryer. I have to say at a whopping £299 my expectations were high. The dryer claims to reduce frizz, reduce the blow drying time, leave the hair shiny and soft, add body and lift to the hair etc etc…. if this dryer reduces the amount of time I spend on my hair in a morning then I’m sold.

The particular morning I tried it out I had over slept so thought ‘Great! lets put this dryer through it’s paces’. Usually it takes me a good half an hour to dry my thick naturally wavy hair into a sleek smooth bob.(I use a ghd ‘Air’ dryer at present).When I switched the dryer on it was a slightly quieter motor to my ghd dryer and felt quite powerful however it didn’t reduce my blow dry time,(that last sentence was said in a disappointing tone) my hair was soft…but too soft and fly away and I have to say it was flatter, too flat, throughout the day my hair felt lank. It was shiner but I’m not sure if that was my imagination or not. So on reflection I can’t say I’m that impressed with the Dyson hairdryer. However I did rush my hair , and there is a lot of it so I’m going to give it another go as I really want to like it.

I’ll keep you posted on my next experience using it to see if my opinion  has changed.

To book a blow dry at Caprio’s CLICK HERE

Salon Owner


With Love

Jo x

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How to create super sexy soft waves using your ghd styler

Super sexy soft waves

Practice makes perfect is rule #1… you’ve mastered the art of straightening your hair your qualified to move onto the next stage of curls and waves.

Equipment needed:

* Platinum Styler. We’ve got a great choice in salon including Blush, purple, black and white and limited edition sets

*Ghd curl hold spray. This heat defence spray also has a hold factor to help lock your Style into place after all your curling hard work

*A comb to help you section your hair

*Ghd final fix hairspray to weather and party proof your hair





*Starting at the nape of your neck take either a large section for softer bigger looser curls or a finer section for tighter stronger curls, clip the rest of your hair up out of the way.

*Spray your heat defense through the section before your even contemplate curling (or straightening) the hair.

*Now pick up a small section of the hair, angle your styler the same way you would if you were about to straighten the hair but once you’ve clamped your styler on the hair take hold of the other end (the end with the plates) and then turn them away from your head as you slowly glide it down the hair.

*Follow through right to the end so of the hair and Voila! Your first curl creation…….continue all the way through the hair alternate the curls so one curls towards the face  and the next away from the face so the finished result is more natural.


As our glide the styler down the hair slowly turn it


Completed curl













Curls ready to be dressed out

Continue this through all your hair until you have a head full of ribbon effect curls, then gently run your fingers through to break them up and texture the hair.

Finish with a mist of ghd final fix hairspray…… go out and show off your fab hair do.

Super sexy soft waves

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Which ghd styler should I buy?…..

Ghd is one of the most sought after gifts at Christmas, so which one should you be buying?

Most females own a ghd styler to straighten their hair but when it comes to creating curls and waves it’s hard to know if the styler you own can achieve your desired look. To help you with this we’re going to show you which curl/wave effect can be created using which styler  and how to achieve it.

Check out the beautiful results the ghd soft tong can create……..

The SOFT TONG is the largest of the two tongs available. It’s easy to use, we believe you’ll find curling your own hair easier with one of the ghd Curve range than you will trying to twist and turn your straightener.

Cost: £120.00 , 2 Yr Guarantee


Click on the videos below to see the big bouncy curls the SOFT TONG creates



Curls created before being dressed out













Dressing out the curls











Finished look after dressing out with fingers

All ghd stylers, including LIMITED EDITIONS, are now available in salon…..














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Caprio’s ‘Girls Night In’ Event

What a great turn out we had on Friday 3rd November for our in salon event ‘Girls Night In’. We had over 40 guests attend all of whom received a free goody bag containing various samples, full size products, brushes, lipsticks, sweets you name it and it was in there. The Caprio’s team were on hand to offer hair care advice, show our guests how to curls and wave using the ghd stylers and introduce the new ghd Contour Crimper.


We had some fab offers on Great Lengths extension applications, ghd stylers and all hair care goodies. It wasn’t all about hair though we invited 3 other business to showcase their make-up, cupcakes and jewelry products. All in all a great combination for a girls night in. With Prosecco and nibbles free flowing good night was had by all as you can see from our photo booth images below. Who doesn’t love a fun photo on a night out?!

Prizes were to be won through our Raffle and Photo booth images. Congratulations went to Julie Harrison for winning 1st prize which was a ghd Platinum Styler, 2nd prize went to Lisa Collins who won a Neuro Light Hairdryer and 3rd prize went to Nicky March who won a Lancome beauty gift set. Fabulous prizes, fabulous atmosphere and a great way to show our Clients we are more than just another salon….we are Caprio’s Hair Studio…the best in Kingswinford and the surrounding area.



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Well Done Jess!

For those of you that haven’t met our Hair Designer let me introduce you to Jessica.

Jess has been a key member of team Caprio’s since 2015. Recently she gained certification in advanced cutting techniques which is another string to her ever growing bow.  Since joining my team as an already qualified Stylist she has gone on to develop and obtained the following certifications:

  • Progressive Cutting – training in bespoke cutting techniques that will tailor your haircut
  • Gents Hairdressing– Skills to achieve a great neat and clean cut style on gents and young men
  • Creative Colour- Colour placement to compliment and bring the best out of the style she has created for you
  • Texture Cutting with Anne Veck- Skills on cutting techniques to create texture and movement in your hair style.
  • Advanced Cutting with Ashleigh Hodges- Celebrity Stylist Ashley visited the salon to demonstrate  current trends and how to create them.
  • Balayage Colouring with Steven Housley-  Matrix Educator Steve visited the salon for this practical workshop where Jess and the rest of Team Caprio’s produced beautiful Balayage colours using various different and bespoke colouring techniques.
  • Blow Drying– Jess attended this workshop where her blow dry techniques were perfected and expanded providing her with the knowledge and expertise to create beautiful polished blow drys
  • Hair-Up– This workshop helped Jess to expand her special occasion styling techniques to perfect the art of dressing long hair in various different ways and release her inner creativity.

Jess has given up a lot of her own time to attend some of these courses and workshops which proves she is passionate and dedicated to becoming the best Stylist she can be. Expanding her skills and expertise is important to her, your hair is important to you which is why you can be assured your much loved locks will be in safe hands when you book in with Jess. She cares about the condition of your hair so will be ready to recommend the correct home hair care products to make sure you get the most out of your colour and style once leaving the salon.  She’s qualified in all aspects of hairdressing as you can see from the list above but just as importantly she’s a very friendly approachable team member with a great sense of humor. In fact you can read our Customer reviews for yourself and see what they say about Jess and the rest of team Caprio’s. Every Client is sent an invitation to rate the individual Stylists, the team and the salon following the service they’ve received. CLICK HERE to read them for yourself.

Booking in with Jess has never been easier……….if it’s a colour you want to book then please call the salon on 01384402890 and speak to one of the team who will book you in for a Skin Test and Colour Consultation with Jess OR… book a Reshape & Finish and/or Colour Consultation CLICK HERE.

Here’s some of the styles and colours created by Jess




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I simply Can’t live without….

Our Salon Manager and Consultant Jodie has three products she simply can’t live without. Being a busy stylist in salon she works with all kinds of hair from fine to ultra thick. Her forte is short hair , she loves to add texture and shape and really tailor hair to the clients lifestyle and  hair type.

here’s what Jodie recommends to her clients……..

These are my top two fav products….










No 1: Spray Wax

Brand: Paul Mitchell

Cost:£ 16.50

I can’t live without this product because its it adds great texture and is easy to use but still lightweight at the same time which means you can use it as a 2nd day product to rebuild your style.

No 2: Extra Body hairspray

Brand: Paul Mitchell

Cost: £15.50

This might be my second favorite product but it’s a No 1 hairpsray. its medium hold leaves the hair with flexibility and movement whilst providing a lovely shine. It’s easy to brush out too which is an added bonus. It’s formula is designed so that each droplet plumps out each individual strand of hair for added volume.


Watch my video clip


No 3: Styling Potion

Brand: Milk_Shake Lifestyling

Cost: £15.99

I simply can’t live without this styling potion, It’s just so lovely and has a fantastic hold , helps create lots of volume with a non-sticky finish…….smells good enough eat!

Apply a small amount into the palm of your hands then distribute through the hair from root to tip.



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The power of a toner.

So what is a toner?…..

Toners are used to alter or enhance the desired tone of the hair. For example if you wanted your blonde highlights to  reflect a grey, gold , beige or violet, pink or whatever colour you prefer then your hairdresser will use a toner after your hi-lights have been lifted to achieve this. They do gradually wash out as theses colours are generally semi-permanent. at Caprio’s we use Matrix Colours (L’Oreal Sister company), their toners are formulated to last between 4-12washes.  The longjevity of a toner depends on the condition of your hair and which shampoo you’re using.

Blonde hair is quite high maintenance, so if you’re thinking of going lighter then you need to take into consideration that you will be visiting the salon more regularly to maintain the colour, whether its for a root re-touch or a toner in between colour services to freshen and clean the blonde through. Although toners are formulated to gradually wash out don’t under estimate their power.

Before and in need of some TLC


This image shows how effective a toner can be. This guests hair wasn’t lightened at all during this visit to the salon. She’d returned from a lovely holiday. Being on holiday means we tend to wash our hair more regularly, what with that and the effects from the sun the hair was in need of a bit of TLC.

Our Salon Apprentice , Jade was responsible for this colour transformation for a college assessment. She had to identify what tone the guest wanted and what she had to use in order to achieve it.







With a huge selection of toners available from the Matrix pallet this requires knowledge and experience, both of which Jade had obtained from hours of theory and practical training.








As I’m sure you’ll agree she did a great job of cleaning the brassy tones out of the hair and giving the whole head of hair a lighter fresher more appealing tone simply by applying an all over toner……..oh and in case you were wondering……she passed her assessment. Well Done Jade!

After blow drying the hair Jade used the Platinum ghd styler to create soft natural tousles.  




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You’re Invited!…….. Girls Night In at Caprio’s Hair Studio

Back by popular demand!

Our last event was our ‘Curls Night’ in 2014. It was so much fun and and a great success that we’ve been asked to do another. We don’t charge an entry fee all we ask is that you drop in some time from 6pm and enjoy yourselves, bring a friend if you like.

 Caprio’s ‘Girls Night In’ at the salon on

Friday 3rd November 2017


There’s lots of exciting things going on

  • Hair demo’s– showcasing the NEW ghd Contour Crimper and how to curls and create beautiful tousles using your heated styling tools
  • Make-Up demo’s– learn how to create smokey eyes and highlighted cheek bones with live make-up demos
  • How to create the perfect blow dry at home– one of our Senior Stylists will sit you down and show you how to angle the dryer, section the hair and what equipment you need to achieve a better home blow dry
  • Do you want thicker, fuller hair?- see how a few hair extensions scattered through your hair can create thicker, fuller hair, find out which products boost hair growth.
  • Cup Cake Stall
  • Jewelry Stall
  • Prize draw– win a ghd styler!
  • On the night only offers on ghd’s and hair services

and much more…..

Let the family fend for themselves for once whilst you come along to our exciting evening of girly stuff, sip complementary Prosecco and munch on nibbles whilst we demonstrate how to be the best version of you ready for the party season ahead.

Let us know if you joining us by ticking the ‘going’ tab on our facebook events page CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you there XX


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I Simply Can’t live without……

As hairdressers there’s certain products we simply can’t live without. These are the 3 chosen by Salon Owner and Consultant Jo.

No 1 Product: Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Costs: £16.49 200ml

Whipped Cream leave in Conditioner is just one of those products i can use on all hair types, lengths and thickness. it doesn’t overload the hair in fact I find it gives the hair a little more life due to its lightweight formula. It instantly de-tangles longer hair and nourishes dry thirsty hair. Apply it to clean damp hair or to dry hair the second day instead of washing it and you’ll find it instantly gives the hair a just washed feel. if you like vanilla then the smell of this product alone will be a firm favorite with you too.


Play my Curl Hold clip x

No 2 Product: Curl Hold

Brand: Ghd

Costs: £12.95  120ml

Curls are still a key trend this season and i personally don’t think that’s going to change for a while yet. Curling your hair with ghd’s can be tricky and certainly one to practice.




To help prevent your curls from dropping throughout the day or evening spray a mist of ghd Curl Holdover the strand of hair before curling. It’s heat defense ingredient  will protect your hair from damage and the curl hold formula will hold the curls in stronger for longer. I wouldn’t dream of curling without it in the salon  on my clients or at home on my own hair.




Play my Matte Clay clip X

No 3 Product: Texture Matte Clay


Costs: 13.95

No short hairstyle can be finished off to perfection without some sort of wax. I always use Matte Clay to finish off my short hair cuts to define the texture and layers created. This wax is creamy in the hands , firm hold but not sticky or greasy. A firm favorite of mine and one I always recommend to all my short hair style clients.

CLICK HERE for shorter hair style inspiration


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NEW products from Milk_Shake

Team Caprio’s are just Loving the new range of styling products from Milk_Shake. there’s 8 products to choose from, Smoothing Cream, texturizing Spray, styling potion, volume mousse, Dry Shampoo and tow hairsprays one medium hold the other strong hold. The packaging is really neat in beautiful pastel shades of blue,pink lemons and mint. It’s not very often we like a whole range of products but on this occasion ……we love them all!

Feel free to pop in and take a look at the range, they’re reasonably priced from £13.99-£16.99 and providing your not over using them then they’ll last you a good few months.

To find out what our stylists like about this new range of styling products read our last blog posts ‘I simply Can’t live without

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