New product Launch at Caprio’s

At Caprio’s we use an array of high quality professional hair care. We strongly believe in maintaining healthy hair which starts in the salon and continues at home. Some salons and mobile stylists use cheap , lower grade products on their clients hair but not us……..we only use the best products on your hair in the salon. We will prescribe products for you  invest in to use in between salon visits to ensure your hair is in the best health it can be.

Well now we’ve got a new range available in salon that we have simply fallen in LUST with……..MATRIX BIOLAGE RAW!

  • 97% Natural
  • Up to 99% Biodegradable
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Silicone Free

With reliably sourced natural ingredients such as Quinoa, Coconut, Honey, Kiwi, Coal,Clay, Goji Berries, Coriander to name but a few you can’t help but be drawn into the smoothie like packaging, the beautiful smell (good enough to eat) and once used the shine results and silky soft, lightweight feel your hair is left with you’ll be totally hooked.

Now don’t be fooled into thinking that this kind of professional, natural product is going to be expensive because it’s not. A 325ml bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner is only £17.99 , not only that but if you bring the empty bottle back into the salon for a refill it’ll only cost you £10.00 per refill. Amazing! There is a Deep Conditioning Treatment to compliment each Shampoo too, a 500ml tub costs you only £23.00. believe me you won’t be disappointed!

Pop into the salon to have a look at this fabulous new range, we’ve got bottles open in reception for you to view, smell and touch. We’re also offering a FREE Body Shop Body Butter with every purchase only whilst stock lasts. So what are you waiting for……….treat your hair, treat yourself! 

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Congratulations Jess

Congratulations Jess


Jess joined team Caprio’s in 2015, during this time she has attended numerous training courses and seminars in order to expand her skills and expertise. Joining the team as a Graduate Stylist has enabled Jess to gradually build her confidence, creativity and clientele resulting in her progressing from a Graduate team member to the next level up, Designer. To read  Jess’s personal profile CLICK HERE

Well Done Jess X. 

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Congratulations Lucy

Congratulations Lucy

Team Caprio’s are always attending training courses and expanding their skills and knowledge. The hairdressing industry is a fast paced ever expanding occupation and keeping up is an absolute must for any decent salon and Stylist. Please join us in congratulating Senior Designer Lucy on qualifying as a great Lengths Extensionist. Caprio’s now has a team of four Great Lengths Extensionists which means there’s more of us to help you achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of.  Not only can we cut, colour and style your hair but we can make it instantly thicker, longer  and more gorgeous than ever before.  look out for Lucy’s extension transformations by following us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.   To read more about Lucy’s personal profile CLICK HERE

Well done Lucy X

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How often should I visit the salon?

Clients often ask  us’ how often should I visit? or ‘how long should I leave it until my next cut/colour? The answer to this question can differ from person to person and obviously depend on the individuals hairdressing budget , however,  there are certain guidelines that should be followed to keep your hair looking its best at all times.  Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your hair style and colour..


Root Retouch Colour Appointments

There’s so many colouring trends available now but as a rule if you have a full head colour then your roots will be growing back through around 4 to 5 weeks. If might differ slightly depending on how different your natural root colour is compared to the colour applied, but those pesky greys can be really visible on brunette and red/copper colours so 4 weekly visits in a must for you. For those of you that are coloured blonde then 4 weeks is an absolute must for you lovely ladies I’m afraid.  In fact, blonde hair is high maintenance so leaving it any longer than that and it will start to look dull and in need of brightening and freshening up.

Balyage Appointments

This colour technique is slightly more low maintenance due to the nature of the stretched root effect. You roots wont be too noticeable( depending on how close to your natural colour the root stretch is) but your ends might be in need of a toner. Generally you could  get away with 6-7 weeks visits

Foil Highlight Appointments

These are the lower maintenance colouring technique due to the highlighted strands blending with your natural colour especially if you have a couple of colours running through and can usually get away with 12 weekly appointments, you should however visit in between, around 6 weeks for a Cut & Finish. You could always have a toner to freshen through your blonde on this visit too.

Semi-Permanent Appointments

Again this is a low maintenance colouring choice because semi colours last around 25 washes and fade during this time leaving you with very little regrowth if any at all. If you go for a vibrant semi- colour then this will fade slightly quicker and be in need of freshening up slightly more often but you can get away with having one every time you visit for your Reshape & Finish appointment around 4-6 weeks.

Reshape & Finish

This one is easy……..short hair styles is a definite 4 to 5 weekly visit. short styles are structured and need to be kept on top off to stay looking sharp and tidy. The same goes for bob hairstyles, As for those of you with long hair, well you all know you leave it way too long to visit. We know your long locks are precious to you but those scary split ends will just split way up the hair shaft if you leave it too long and then we have to cut more off to get rid of them. Try not to leave it any longer than 6- 7 weeks and use split ens cream or oils in between to help keep the split ends at bay.


Taking all this into account then to keep on top of your style and colour you need to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks.  Any thing over 7 weeks is too long.  We always recommend making at least your next 2 or 3 appointments before leaving the salon this way you can pop them in your diary and get on enjoying life. We will send you your appointment reminder text the week before your visit.


If you haven’t already got your visit booked then please call us now on 01384 402890 or book on-line via the Book online link at the top of this page. Your Stylist can discuss a maintenance plan with you on your next visit.


We very much look forward to seeing you in the salon soon XX

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We made the finals!

Caprio's Great Lengths extensionists and their models

Caprio’s Great Lengths extensionists and their models-(From left to right) Adele, Ellis, Courtney, Katie, Jo, Alyssia

I’m soooo excited to share the fabulous news……….WE MADE THE FINALS! Yep, our hard work and creative talent has once again been recognised by the judges of the Great Lengths Awards 2016/17. This year we’ve made it into the finals of two catagories, ‘Gold salon of the year’ and ‘Classic Volume’. We’ve been preparing our entries since the beginning of the year, organising a photo-shoot, selecting models and gowns and putting together our business entries. It’s been hard work but such good fun too. The winners will be announced during a red carpet event on Sunday 18th September.

 CLICK HERE to watch our photo-shoot video 

Directing our In-salon photo-shoot was very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Its a long non stop day starting early and finishing worn out. Our professional photographer, David Peters,  helped us to produce some fabulous images, in fact we’ve got over 500 images so you can imagine the selection process wasn’t easy either. Now all that’s left to do is attend the Award Ceremony. It’s team Caprio’s turn to wear the posh frocks, perfect our make-up , let our hair down with dining, eating,drinking and of course celebrating getting this far by dancing into the early hours. Share the evening with us by following us on facebook, Instagram and twitter where we’ll keep posting throughout the evening. Fingers crossed for us X

With thanks to Dave Peters- DP Digital Photography LTD,  Make-up artists Katie wood and Lydia Dent, Vicki Lee for suppling the gowns and of course the Caprio’s Team of extentionists and the remainder of the team for putting up with us over the last few months X

Fingers crossed for us !

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Introducing our new Stylist Lucy….

A huge welcome to our new recruit Lucy.

Lucy- Salon Stylist

Lucy- Salon Stylist

Meet our new recruit Lucy who has over 8 years of hairdressing experience under her tool belt after working at two other local salons in the area. Shes qualified and experienced in all aspects of hairdressing, colouring being her favorite. She’s worked with a selection of professional colours  at her previous salons but since joining Caprio’s and using Matrix colour says she much prefers the vast choice of colours it offers and says the coverage is far better than the brands she’s used in the past. She particularly loves colour correction and feels a huge sense of achievement in transforming tired, dull locks into beautiful , shiny, healthy hair.  On meeting Lucy you will be greeted by her professional, friendly and welcoming personality and with her expertise and knowledge you can be assured that your precious locks are in safe hands.

To book an appointment with Lucy call us on 01384402890 or book On-line ( Styling services only) via our ON-LINE booking facility.

In the mean time……here’s a little sample of some of the transformations created by Lucy.


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Creative Colouring at Caprio’s Hair Studio

20160312_204420 20160312_204823 20160312_205555Spring is finally in the air, the daffodils are blooming, the sun is popping its hat on every now and again and its daylight when the alarm clock goes off in the morning….finally!

We advertised for colour models recently so the team at Caprio’s could unleash their creative colouring skills to bring pretty spring colours to life in hair. Stunning purples, lilacs, pretty pinks and blush tones, the very much saught after grey, vibrant magenta, oranges and indigo. Now these colours aren’t to every bodies taste and might sound a little too daring for some of you but as you’ll see from the images they work so well and even the most faint-hearted could get away with these beautiful colour pallets.

Matrix Colour lacquer is a true semi permanent colour so depending what shampoo & conditioner  you use and how porous the hair then they can last anything from 4 to 12 washes, which is great because the colours will fade to a paler tone without leaving a root regrowth. This enables you to be versatile and change the colour you choose each time its re-coloured. Our aim for these colours was  richer colour at the roots to paler softer tones towards the ends, or vice versa, pretty much similar to the current Ombre trend. The hair was left feeling silky soft and shiny.  We’re pleased with the results as were all our models and cant wait to unleash our creative colouring skills for this seasons jaw dropping head turning pastel hair colours.


All the colours you see have been created using Matrix colours, the expertise of the Caprio’s team and our Matrix Educator. Check out our creations, if you see something you fancy then call us on 01384402890 to book your colour consultation.

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Caprio’s is awarded GOLD

Gold Logo for RGB Online


We are proud to share with you our achievement at being awarded GOLD SALON STATUS with Great Lengths Extensions. Over the last 30 Months( 2 years and 6 months to be exact) we have gone from Bronze to Silver and now GOLD. Our Hair Extension work has been recognised  as being one of the best in the country. After winning Silver salon of the year 2014/15 we knew what our next goal was and put everything into accomplishing it. It’s very rare a week goes by without one of our extension experts transforming clients hair into the hair they’ve always dreamed of.





great lengths for post 2


Take a look at some more of our extension creations. Most of our creations are posted on our salon Facebook page for all to see. Being able to transform clients hair from short to long, fine to thick is so rewarding. Applying great,  natural, virtually undetectable extensions is a skill and one that takes time and attention to detail by a great Stylist with a passion for perfection. Having thicker, fuller hair can make some ladies feel more glamorous, more polished and simply just happier in their own skin.   Having a job that makes people feel happier is just great.








Great lengths for post 1



So what’s next for Caprio’s?…… well this year we will be entering the Great Lengths Awards once again,  being awarded GOLD SALON means we wont be able to compete for our current title of SILVER SALON OF THE YEAR 2014/15,  but, we will be going for title of GOLD SALON OF THE YEAR amongst other categories. Wish us luck and follow our progress on our competition entries on Facebook. For those of you contemplating extensions more info can be found HERE. If you don’t find the answer to any of your questions there then please contact one of our experts on 01384 402890. We have 3 salon extension experts, Adele, Jo & Alyssia.  who are always at hand to speak to you regarding Great Length at Caprio’s Hair Studio. For more info on our team CLICK HERE.






Great Lengths for post 3


I’d also like to take this opportunity to Thank the team for their hard work and dedication in helping Caprio’s to achieve this award. From the team members taking the extension inquires over the phone to the experts who apply the extensions and not forgetting those of you that like, share and comment on out extension creations on Facebook. Most importantly I’d like to thank our extension clients who keep visiting our skilled extension experts to transform their hair.

Well done Caprio’s X


We’d like to celebrate our achievement at being awarded GOLD SALON STATUS by offering you a 10% Discount off your first full head application of Great Lengths extensions at Caprio’s. CLICK HERE for more info.


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Meet The Team

Firstly I’d like to wish you all a Happy New, now that 2016 is in full swing i know that some of you are thinking about a change.  New colour, new style… you!

We’ve got  a team of Hairdressing experts with the skills, knowledge and training to help you in that department. Being a Stylist at Caprio’s means that every year our Stylists are sent on training seminars to keep up to date with what’s hot and whats not in the world of hair fashion. We know most of you want a style that looks good, is bang up to date but at the same time low maintenance and a style you can recreate yourself at home.

Balayage is still a huge trend for 2016 and is  also a low maintenance colour effect. If it’s full on trendy your into then forget the subtle golden honey toned blondes and go for Donkey Grey and true blue….yes you heard correctly…BLUE and GREY are huge this season. Whatever it is you fancy we’ve got a hair expert ready and waiting. To meet some of our team members visit our newly revamped website, in the mean time let me introduce our newest recruit , Jess.

Welcome to the Caprio's Team Jess

Welcome to the Caprio’s Team’ Jess

Jessica is fully qualified and joined the Caprio’s team last year as a Graduate Stylist. She specializes in party and wedding hair, so if you’ve got a hot date this Valentines Day, wedding, party or any other special occasion to dress up for then why not book in with Jess for a trial session and let her work her magic for you. At Caprio’s we offer a tiered pricing structure, Jessica’s price guide is as follows:

  • Reshape & Finish £25.00
  • Finish Only £15.00
  • Creative Finish £ 20.00
  • Colours start from £32.00

For more info on services and to view our full price guide CLICK HERE


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Caprio’s Christmas Shopping Event

HoHoHo! not long to go  until Caprio’s Christmas Shopping event on Monday 30th November 2015.

It’s going to be an evening of festive fun….

  • Hair demo’s
  • Special Offers
  • Festive cup cakes
  • Fashion from Mint Boutique Kingswinford
  • Christmas Grafts
  • Names In frames
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Fab goody bags 

We’ve got lots of great Christmas gift sets including the new Christmas 2015 Arctic Gold ghd gift sets plus great stocking fillers ideas and much more.

Join us between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Monday 30th November .

Tickets are only £5 and can be redeemed on the evening against any Salon purchase.

Call us now to reserve you ticket on 01384 402890

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