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Cutting & Styling Prices AT Caprio's in Kingswinford

Our team of qualified and experienced stylists will endeavor to identify your style aspirations at our hair salon and quote accordingly. However, each client's needs and hair differ so occasionally extra time is required to deliver our high standard of service on longer/thicker hair, this will be charged accordingly. All clients will receive a complimentary consultation in order to quote as accurate a price as is possible.

The Caprio's Team look forward to seeing you in the Salon soon.

All of our services below include a cleanse, scalp massage, cut & finish.

Please note all prices are a guide and may vary from person to person.  Prices shown are a guide from 27th Feb 2023 and due to increase on 01st April 2024









(Abbie & Holly)



(Jo & Jodie)

RESHAPE & FINISH (45 Minutes)

(£5 Additional time will be charged for Long/thick hair)

£35 £40 £45 £57.75
FINISH ONLY SHORT HAIR  (30 Minutes) £25 £30 £33 £35
FINISH ONLY THICK / LONG HAIR (45 Minutes) £30 £35 £38 £40

UPGRADE your Styling service and include a DELUX Hair Treatment to revive your hair, invigorate the scalp and clear your mind

with a relaxing SCALP MASSAGE.....go SUPER DELUX to enjoy all of the above including a HEATED LAVENDER NECK PAD

*Select one of the above from the pop up when booking on-line or ask to include when calling us