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Ready For a Transformation?

At Caprio’s Salon, we are all about embracing something new, especially in the new year. New year, new start. A brand new haircut can have a significant effect on your appearance but it can also make you feel good! Leave the salon feeling confident, happy and refreshed with something a little different. Push the boat out this year and go for the haircut you always wanted!

Discover your signature look. Our skilled stylists can collaborate on your new desired look, and create the new you! A hairstyle reflects character and personality, and a lot of us probably get similar haircuts every time we visit the salon for convenience or to suit our lifestyles, but a new haircut can mean discovering another side to you!


The Positives of a New Haircut

Confidence Boost: A Flattering new haircut can give you that confidence boost and accentuate your best features, making you feel amazing. Your appearance will be enhanced with a well-cut hairstyle that’s fresh and different.

A Fresh Start: Sometimes, a haircut is more than just a style update; it's a symbolic gesture of closing a chapter and starting anew. Whether you're marking a major life transition or simply seeking a change of pace, a new hairstyle can be a powerful way to signal a fresh start. Remember, the most important benefit of a new haircut is the way it makes you feel. So, embrace the transformation!

Healthier, Happier Hair: Regular trims are healthy for your hair but having a big trim or new layers and shapes put in can make a real difference to the overall health of your hair. Go for the big chop or shape your face with a fringe, have wispy layers put in to add texture and bounce!

Creative Play: Sometimes going for a new haircut can be scary but trying something brand new and creative could be your new favourite, or lead you towards other ways of ex[pressing yourself. Dying your hair a different shade or colour could be explored, and stepping outside your comfort zone could actually spark a new confidence.

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Why Choose Caprio’s Hair Studio?

Caprio's has a team of experienced and passionate stylists, each with their own unique strengths and specialisations. Whether you're craving a trendy balayage, a classic bob, or a vibrant undercut, there's a Caprio's stylist who can translate your vision into reality. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you get a cut that's both stylish and flattering. We take a personal approach as we focus on you. Every individual’s hair is different and a new haircut for one person is never going to be the same for the person next to you. Your hairstyle will be as unique as you are. We cut men's and women's hair.

Caprio's is committed to using only the highest-quality hair products from top brands. This means your hair will be treated with care, protected from damage, and styled to perfection. We also offer expert advice on home hair care routines.

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Embrace a new you with your new haircut and step into a renewed confidence. So, if you're ready for a haircut that goes beyond the ordinary, head to Caprio's Hair Studio. With their expertise, dedication to your needs, and commitment to quality, they'll help you unlock the best version of your hair and yourself. Give us a call or book online.