What you need to know before getting hair extensions fitted

We recommend that before you have hair extensions fitted, you should carry out some research such as the type of hair extensions/ different methods available to you and your hair type. There are various methods available to suit all hair types and lifestyles. Here at Caprio’s, we only offer the fitting of Great Lengths hair extensions which are applied via the ‘cold fusion’ method.

We provide you with a list of things you should know/ do before having hair extensions fitted.

Read into the different types of hair extensions

As touched on above, there are many different types of hair extensions on the market to suit all hair types as well as lifestyles. Do your research into what method you think will be best suited to you and your hair. There are many articles you can read and videos you can watch on which application is best suited to what hair type.

Look into the extensionist

We strongly advise you do as much research as possible into hair extension specialists before booking an appointment with them. Some ways in which you can do so is by looking at their work on social media platforms as well as their following, looking at reviews and ask people for their recommendations as word of mouth goes a long way! Also, if you are still stuck, you could always ask your regular hairdresser if they have any references.


By attending a consultation, the specialist will be able to suggest whether the type of application they provide is suitable for you and your hair, and if not, what type of hair extensions they recommend getting instead. As well, this will give you the opportunity to colour match your hair to ensure the blend between your own hair and the extensions is seamless.

At your consultation, you will be able to get a feel for the extensionist and the quality of their work as well as ask any questions you have regarding the fitting, aftercare or anything else and address any concerns you have.

Caprio’s Hair Studio offer a free consultation to all clients considering having hair extensions fitted. It allows our specialists to examine your natural hair to assess what length, thickness and colour we advise having fitted. We will also provide you with a cost for your extensions and if you wish to go ahead, we can order the hair and book an appointment for the fitting.