Beautiful Blondes at Caprio’s Hair Studio

This week we did a Blonde colour workshop where we an Educator from our colour house, Matrix, visited the salon for the day to share different & new colouring techniques and colour cocktails so we can get the best out of the colours. All our stylists are fully qualified and the years of experience we’ve got between us exceeds 70 years……WOW!

Saying that we’re always looking to expand our knowledge and skills and most importantly stay ahead of the game.

Blondes are high maintenance…….

Sorry ladies but it’s true. If you’re not a natural blonde then you will be visiting the salon more frequent than brunettes. Blonde colours need to be toned or cleaned through in between your next root touch up to neutralize those pesky brassy, yellow or dull tones that creep in. Most the time this can be done with the use of professional blonde Shampoo & Conditioners but in some cases, you may need to visit the salon for a toner application.

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We had 3 models on this weeks workshop, all of them were already blonde but we wanted to add a little interest or introduce another colour to the mix.  Using foiling techniques we applied a cocktail of Gold Copper, Mocha Gold and a not for the faint-hearted Indigo………..

Take a  look at the pictures we took to see how our Beautiful Blondes turned out.

Click on the picture to see which tones were added into which blonde.

Before and After Pink Hair Transformation


Before and After Highlights