Why our hair needs treatments.

You may not make any resolutions for the new year but if you do nothing else make a promise to look after your hair.

When should you use a treatment on your hair.

Your hair is the gown you never take off, it can be what defines us, makes us feel dressed up, whatever it is to you it needs to be respected and taken care of.

We put our hair trough so much, colour, bleaching, heat styling, brushing, we pull hair bands through it regularly, we curl it then straighten it, its under a hat then its blowing around in the wind….it ceratinly takes a battering!

Did you know once you hit 5 aggressors or more you need to treat the hair with a hair mask?

Lets take a look at what aggressors are:

  1. Hairdrying
  2. Straightening
  3. Colour
  4. Bleach
  5. Combing
  6. Brushing
  7. Hair bands
  8. UV exposure
  9. Exposure to natural elements such as wind, rain and pollution
  10. Swimming

Most of us put our hair through at least 5 of the above but how often do we treat it to combat these aggressors?

It’s time for an UPGRADE.

At Caprio’s Hair Studio you can UPGRADE your appointment to include a Hair Mask. we have three UPGRADES to choose from…. First Class, Super Deluxe and Deluxe.

Not only does our First Class UPGRADE treat your hair but whilst your hair mask is working wonders on combating the tortured areas of your hair you can also treat your hands to an Anti-Aging, nourishing hand mask, PLUS, you get to relax whilst we drape a slightly heated neck sung around your shoulders, the lavender infused snug gently hugs you whilst you enjoy a bit of me time either flicking through a mag or simply closing you eyes and relaxing. It doesn’t end there….before your hair mask is rinsed you will be treated to slow relaxing scalp massage.

We have a selection of hair masks we can choose from such as Detoxing, Repairing, Shine Enhancing to masks for fine hair.

What is hair detox.

A hair detox is a process of removing dirt, oil, pollution and product buildup from your hair and scalp. It helps to rebalance your scalp, and stimulate hair follicles, allowing for hair growth. We sometimes think about detoxing our body but do we apply the same care to our hair.

To get the most out of your hair long term you need to invest in it along the way. I can’t stress enough how important UPGRADING your hair appointment is. Make 2024 the year you show your hair some respect. Add an UPGRADE to your future bookings, it will only take an extra 20-25 mins out of your day, but hey! what a lovely way to spend that time, being pampered, Bliss!

UPGRADES can booked on-line as well as asking your stylist to add it onto your future bookings. CLICK HERE to use our on-line booking facility to make a future booing.

Look forward to seeing you in salon enjoying your UPGARDE soon

With love

Jo and Team Caprio’s Xx