Bring on the BRONDE

Bronde TransformationBronde! What on earth is bronde I hear you cry? It’s a colour combination of Blonde and Blonde. Whether you prefer to be more of one of the shades is your choice. If you’re naturally more brown be it light, medium or dark then you will probably lean more towards a brown base with varying shades of Blonde running through. The result can be achieved using a couple of  different colouring techniques such as Balyage Colour which is more of a freehand technique. Our stylist will paint your hair freehand smudging colours together to create a bespoke seamless blend between light and dark colour shades. Foilyage Colour is very similar only the lighter shades will be either weaved or sliced out put into foil packets to protect from the darker shades or to ensure a lighter blonde result can be achieved. The technique is something our stylists will decide on depending on the current colour, length, density and texture of your hair. Hair Colours are very much bespoke today creating results very rarely identical to the next guest which means no two people leave the salon looking the same. Using the hair colour techniques mentioned above is all about colour placement. Our Stylists will take into consideration if you require lighter or darker shades framing your face and if you wear your hair more on the wavy, textured side or straight and smooth. Hair colour today is very much tailored to suit the individual. Bronde hair colour is the perfect way to add a twist of interest to an all over brown hair colour without creating a high maintenance result. Saying all that though every head of hair coloured requires some level of maintenance. It may be simply ensuring you’re using a good quality colour maintainer Shampoo and Conditioner, it may be the blonde in your bronde needs a toner in between colour visits to neutralise any yellow or brassy tones that might creep in as it wears, or  ensuring your roots are touched up every 5 to 8 weeks. Our Stylists will advise you on how to maintain your bespoke bronde colour during your visit to us.  To see these colours in more detail and see other colour creations carried out by Caprio’s team of talented Stylists then pop over to our Social media pages, Instagram and Facebook. If you fancy a colour result similar to the images shown then call us now and book your free no obligation colour consultation. 01384 402890

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