Caprio’s Hair Studio- hair colour experts

So what’s hot and what’s not in the world of hair colour?………..everything is hot!

Social media and magazines are full of rainbow hair colours, colour melting and balayage. Never before has hair colour been so diverse with no particular trend or fashion just lots of variation, subtle colour and way out full-on vibrancy. Our colourists will sit down with you for a one to one in order to ascertain your expectations with the aim to either meet or exceed them. If you fancy bold and beautiful then we can do that, if you fancy soft and subtle we can do that too. At Caprio’s Hair Studio we’re always building on our hairdressing skills by attending in the salon and out of salon training course to expand our colouring techniques in order to stay ahead of the game and be the best hair salon in Kingswinford and surrounding areas.  Over the next few articles, you’ll see the amazing colour results we can achieve and how we can cater for everyone

Model No 1- Darci

Stunning Bright orange softly melting into vivid and pale yellow tones for a stunning sunset effect.

Darci is pretty much open to anything bright, bold and warm. Stunning Orange and yellow tones were applied to previously lightened hair using a freehand technique to create a totally bespoke and eye-catching result. Due to its vibrancy, this colour will gradually fade with each shampoo leaving Darci with a soft peachy blush tone all over.