Caprio’s, hairdressing Stourbridge.

Caprio’s Hair Studio is approximately 3.1 miles from Stourbridge or about 7 minutes away. So you can see we are very accessible to anybody living in the Stourbridge area wanting to use Caprio’s regularly for their hairdressing services. What’s also fantastic is that the salon has FREE PARKING facilities which most salons in Stourbridge do not.

This is what one of our long-standing, regular clients, living in Stourbridge had to say about Caprio’s :

As a regular client of Caprio’s since its commencement in 1998! I would have no hesitation in providing an absolute endorsement. Professionalism, service and customer focus are supported by a friendly and Approachable team. Uncompromising standards, comprehensive high calibre product range and the fact that customers always receive the best advice, treatment and service they desire is what makes this salon successful…

Based on the above information Caprio’s can provide Hairdressing in Stourbridge……no problem!