The virus that’s rocked our world!

I cant quite take in how much disruption this virus is having on the world! It seems like such a defining moment in our lives, for the older generation it was WWII but for us here and now it’s Coronavirus. It’s starting to have an effect on the salon but only in small measures for now with a few people cancelling their hair appointments. We have had some last minute bookings though too as panic sets in over a country lock down. As a business owner I can only wait and see what our fate is. If we are allowed to stay open and trade will anyone actually venture out to use our services? It’s a trying time for everyone, we’re all in the same boat which is why its important that we all stick together, stop panic buying toilet roll and support each other, especially the older vulnerable generation.

Here at Caprios we are taking extra sanitisation measures to fight back against this awful flu like virus. We have many people in and out of our salon on a daily basis so can completely understand your concerns regarding whether or not to keep your hairdressing appointment. If you fall into the vunerable category with under lying health conditions then following the governments guidelines would be absolutely essential as hairdressing salons are very social environments. However if you don’t fall into this category then please do continue to use us for your hairdressing services. the following actions have been put into place to make sure your visit is as relaxing and reassuring as possible in these turbulent times.

Barbicide Solution

*Clean, freshly washed gown for every client

*Styling station and styling chairs are sprayed with disinfection spray after every visit in preparation of the next client

*Styling tools are sanitised in a Barbiside solution after every use. This isn’t a new measure, Barbiside has always been in our salon

*We have removed any flyers and leaflets out of recption to avoid contamination

*Magazines have been removed as for the reasons above so please feel free to bring your own or log onto the salon WIFI if you so wish alternatively you can just CHILL or CHAT.

*Door handles and work surfaces are sparyed with disinfection regularly

*Credit Card machine and ipad are also wiped over with a disinfection wipe regularly.

Its the nature of our job to have our hands in water most of the day so you can rest assured that the team have been washing their hands on a regular basis long before it became trendy and we always wear gloves when carrying out any colour work. Our environment is pretty clean anyway but with these extra measures in place we can hopefully help keep the COVID-19 virus at bay.

We are currently OPEN AS NORMAL, thankfully no team member is in isolation and providing we’re allowed to stay open we will as long as clients are still coming through our doors.

Happy Handwashing XX