Creative Colouring at Caprio’s Hair Studio

Spring is finally in the air, the daffodils are blooming, the sun is popping its hat on every now and again and its daylight when the alarm clock goes off in the morning….finally!

Matrix Colours

We advertised for colour models recently so the team at Caprio’s could unleash their creative colouring skills to bring pretty spring colours to life in hair. Stunning purples, lilacs, pretty pinks and blush tones, the very much sought after grey, vibrant magenta, oranges and indigo. Now, these colours aren’t to every bodies taste and might sound a little too daring for some of you but as you’ll see from the images they work so well and even the most faint-hearted could get away with these beautiful colour pallets.

Matrix Colour lacquer is a true semi-permanent colour so depending what shampoo & conditioner you use and how porous the hair then they can last anything from 4 to 12 washes, which is great because the colours will fade to a paler tone without leaving a root regrowth. This enables you to be versatile and change the colour you choose each time its re-coloured. Our aim for these colours was richer colour at the roots to paler softer tones towards the ends, or vice versa, pretty much similar to the current Ombre trend. The hair was left feeling silky soft and shiny.  We’re pleased with the results as were all our models and can’t wait to unleash our creative colouring skills for this season’s jaw-dropping head-turning pastel hair colours.

All the colours you see have been created using Matrix colours, the expertise of the Caprio’s team and our Matrix Educator. Check out our creations, if you see something you fancy then call us on 01384402890 to book your colour consultation.