FACE MASKS UPDATE- Monday 19TH July 2021

So the topic of conversation last week was whether or not
MASKS are still required to be worn in salon after MONDAY 19th JULY 2021.

Having spoken to many of our clients over the last couple
weeks I hadn’t come across one that was willing to go mask free just yet
regardless of whether it was a law or not. Most of us have found it
uncomfortable to wear a mask for long periods of time, not only does it
restrict our breathing, but it effects our hearing too…. strange I know but true,
nevertheless. However, despite this, now we can remove masks we find ourselves
wanting to hold onto them for just a while longer. I completely understand
this, the positive cases are on the rise and although we are not seeing so many
awful deaths from the virus it is still causing disruption with people having
to take time out of work to isolate either due to testing positive or being by
someone that has. We also have some clients that are caring for vulnerable
family members so to remain virus free for them is important.

Caprio’s have managed to dodge the covid bullet so far and
not had to close the salon due to staff shortages or had to contact clients to
inform them they need to isolate which is brilliant!

Team Caprio’s are slightly divided with most staff member’s
wanting to continue with wearing a mask and others that have just about had
enough and don’t want too. It is very hard having your face/mouth covered for
what is sometime a 10 hour shift so I completely understand but equally we come
into contact with many people on a daily basis and can’t afford to have
stylists off self-isolating resulting in appointments having to be rescheduled
or cancelled.

The reasons for us having to wear masks (and visors up until
17th May) haven’t changed, we still offer a close contact service, and we still
use hairdryers all day. What has changed is the vaccination program and the
drop in numbers of people dying from Covid. Obviously we have to return to some
form of normality at some point, and we will, but for now let’s take baby steps
until everyone feels comfortable….after all we are in this together aren’t

The easing of restrictions is difficult for me as a salon
owner, employer, and stylist. I don’t want to put anyone off from working at or
using the salon because they have to wear a mask or for the complete opposite
of there being people in salon not wearing a mask. If fact one client last week
asked me if I was going to continue to keep my clients safe, It felt like such
a weight on my shoulders but a very important question indeed.

So now the announcement has been made that from MONDAY
, it has been ADVISED that we
continue with CAUTION and carry-on wearing masks in a public setting. Taking
all of the above into consideration I have come up with what I hope is a
compromise and a solution that means you don’t have to voice your concern or
your preferences you can show us instead….after all as the saying goes
actions speak louder than words!

If you DO want to continue to
WEAR A MASK in salon during your visit, then PLEASE DO SO. If you walk through
the door wearing a mask your stylist will also wear a mask. Any staff member
that you come into direct contact with will also wear a mask.

If you Do NOT want to wear
a mask and you walk through the door without one on your stylist can chose
if they wear one or not.

I hope the measures put in place help to reassure you we are
still operating a safe environment for you to visit whilst at the same time we
are also trying to return to some form of normality.

If you have any concerns about any of the restrictions above,
then please do not hesitate to reply to this email or contact me personally at
jbtoop@live.com   I will endeavour to
answer your questions to the best of my ability.

From myself and Team Caprio’s thank you for your
continued support and loyalty
through what has been and still is a tough


Salon Owner

Caprio’s Hair Studio