Frizzy Hair Solution

Hazel - Nanokeratin Before and After

NanoKeratin Non-Chimerical Smoothing & Straightening Service Available In Salon

Frizzy Hair!.…yep there’s a lot of us that battle against the frizz, fuzz, curls and waves be it in the winter when it’s damp, wet and cold or in the summer when it’s hot & humid. I too am a victim of fluffy hair in these conditions. Over the years people have often said how lucky I am to have naturally curly hair and yes they are right….if we were still in the 80’s when a huge scrunch dry was the only hairstyle to have. Naturally curly hair is very often today blow dried out smooth and/or straight or softened with a ghd to create a more glamorous curl.

Taming curls can be a full time job. For those of you that embrace your curls then you’ll understand finding the right products is essential. We do have a couple of ranges in salon that cater for curly hair so if you need any advice on home hair care that’s something we can help you with. But lets talk about taking control of the curls and smoothing them out and how you can get sleek, frizz free hair.

At Caprio’s we can Cut, Colour and Extend hair but we can also smooth and straighten it for you too.

We do an in-salon service called Nano Keratin. It’s a non-chemical service which means it’s much kinder to the hair than those that are chemical, plus it’s safe to use in salon so no nasty fumes floating around for us to breathe in.

The service takes around 4 hours depending how long and or thick the hair is, also more time can be required if the curl is a strong curl rather than a soft wave.

Although the process takes time, like hair extensions, the results are fabulous. It will reduce the time it takes you to blow dry your hair at home because you don’t have to spend time smoothing it out, in fact most of those clients that have had it say they use the straighteners a lot less if at all on their hair which is also great, less heat damage!

Straight or Smooth?

There are two systems we use, Nano Smooth and Nano Straighten. Our specialists will assess the hair and decide which system is for you based on the result you want. Having spent four hours or so in the salon having this service you will then reap the rewards of it lasting between 3- 5 months for the straightening System and 2 months for the smoothing system.

Some people don’t want to lose all the movement in their hair just soften the curl in which case we would opt for the smoothing system. Neither of the systems mean you can’t curl your hair at all. You can still create curls and volume with your ghd it’ll just be a sleeker curl and not a fluffy one.

With NanoKeratin being chemical free we can colour your hair on the same day too if required. We don’t find many clients do this due to the time it takes , however, it is possible as sometimes some people find the system can shift the tone of the hair slightly, in other words if the hair is ash blonde it can appear less ash or if the hair is brunette it can appear a shade or so lighter in which case we can apply a toner or semi permanent colour onto the hair to tide you over until your colour appointment which just shows how kind it is to the hair. The colour shifting is very subtle though as you can see from the before and after images, there’s no major colour difference so don’t be put off by this

Home Maintenance

Caring for your new smooth sleek hair at home is very straight forward, you will be provided with a Shampoo, Conditioner and Insulator to take home with you and use in between salon visits. Like any Brand Nano Keratin will always recommend you use their home hair care products in order to achieve maximum longevity.

If you’ve struggled with your hair during lock down or find yourself battling with the frizz then service may very well be for you. Once we can re-open our doors book yourself in for a NanoKeratin Consultation and one of our experts will talk you through the process and assess your hair condition, thickness and curl to see if this service is right for you.

Tiana - Before and After

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £231.00 and depend on how much hair you have and how long it is. Like any other service the thicker/longer the hair the more product required. This price also includes your take home hair care so you have everything you need.

The images displayed speak for themselves. The hair is frizz free, smoother and healthier. Those that have had it continue to have it which also speaks volumes. Clients with thick wavy hair benefit from this service so much too by getting longer out of their blow dry because the hair stays smooth and straight for longer… more arm aching blow dries to contend with

If you would like to know more about Nano Keratin or would like to book a Consultation keep an eye on our website for any announcements regarding a re-open date. Once this has been announced you can book yourself in.

In the meantime stay safe and well. Rest assured their is more to life than Frizzy out of control hair XX