Great Lengths Hair extensions-Award Winning results.

Great Length Hair Extensions

We’ve been transforming our client’s hair with Great Lengths hair extensions for over 2 years now and the results have been amazing. Having had 4 sets myself now I can honestly say that having fuller, longer hair does make me feel more glamorous. Its does take longer to blow-dry the hair but when you’re paying hundreds of pounds for Great Lengths then you really should put the effort into maintaining them. Beautiful hair doesn’t just happen you know, you have to work at it as well. I mean these celebs with amazing hair don’t just get out of bed looking perfect, although they do have a personal Hair Stylist admittedly. OK…… so this sounds like a lot of hard work to have to do your hair every day but honestly, if you want it to look fabulous then you’ve got to put the effort in. You’ll feel much better for the rest of the day if you make that little bit of effort in the mornings. However, after saying all that I do find that my hairstyle last longer with my extensions in. If I wash, Blow dry and curl it one day I only have to brush it through and maybe re-curl the odd strand the next day, and yes, I am a Hair Stylist but even so, with the styling tools and products available today then this does help non-hairdressers to recreate a similar result themselves. We don’t just apply hair extensions to short hair to make it longer, we apply them to long hair to make it thicker, longer or even just more manageable. I can honestly say that all our Great lengths Clients have been over the moon with the results, some have even sat in our Styling chairs and wept with joy because of how more feminine, glamorous and sophisticated they feel.  The bond between their own hair and the extension is virtually undetectable. Even after 2 years I still get wowed by the transformations we do. Here are some images of a few of my favourite transformations and the reason we won the Great Lengths Silver salon award for Outstanding performance.