Have you heard about the new GDPR legislation?


No doubt you’re inundated with emails providing you with various companies Privacy Policies due to the new GDPR Laws. We take your privacy seriously so here’s our Company privacy policy should you wish to read it.  Being the professional salon that we are we want to stay in touch with you. We won’t bombard you with emails but we will send you newsletters providing information on new salon services, product launches and when it’s your birthday providing you’ve ticked the box to receive marketing info from us you’ll get a birthday treat every year. Whoop whoop! that’s worth staying in touch for, isn’t it! We know its a pain but your privacy is important so the next time you visit us at the salon you’ll be asked to take a minute to update your details and tick the relevant consent boxes.  In the meantime have a great week and we look forward to seeing you in salon shortly.

Caprio’s Privacy Policy