How to hide your root regrowth

Consultant & Colour Master Jodie shares three great hair hacks on how to conceal 12 weeks of root regrowth

To all the short hair queens out there, I feel your pain. There’s only 5 weeks left (hopefully!) until BJ allows us to fling open the salon doors which means we are on the other side so don’t break now…. we are almost there!! Don’t let anyone ever tell you short hair is easy to maintain and remains in style longer, “not on your nelly” I hear you all cry, it takes time, persistence, regular cuts and constant styling….now I can’t help you with the cut just yet but the styling I can.

Below are a three easy hair hacks to get you through the next few weeks

It doesn’t matter if you have 4, 8 or 12 weeks worth of root regrowth disguising roots on short hair can be easily achieved by moving around those shorter layers

I’ve demonstrated just how effective this can be on my own hair. Look how a zig zag parting can conceal my roots. Not only are my roots minimized the hair has more texture and has created a little body at the roots too.

Hair Hack #1 Zig Zag parting:

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Image 1 – Look at those bad boys

Image 2 – A simple blast dry directing the hair forward with your dryer to soften out a parting will magically make them disappear, using a smaller brush to add height will stop your hair feeling flat while wearing it smoother.

Image 3 – Using a tail comb to draw a zig zag effect breaks up any severe line and adds heaps of volume through your style, finish with a spray wax such as Sexy Hair Play Dirty, this will hold your style in place with a textured finish.

Hair Hack #2 Bed Head Texture

Embrace your overgrown locks, a mistake we all make is trying to keep short hair looking neat so instead grab your Sexy Hair Matte Clay and mess it up, think bed head with a little style. Remember less is more so start off with a small little finger nail sized amount, you can always add more rather then going in strong and ending up overloading the hair. Rub the wax between your fingers on both hands then distribute through the hair. Don’t be too gentle, get stuck in!

Hair Hack #3 Tuck Those Tresses

Tucking those heavy outgrown sides loosely behind the ear will add texture, make sure to mess up the back with a fluff of the hand and a blast of strong hold hairspray such as Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay. Popping a twist in a fringe, or a plait if you’re feeling brave, using a grip to hold it in place will give a classy yet everyday casual look.

Simply tricks such as these provide three different looks. Who said short hair wasn’t versatile!

Have a go of at least one of these hair hacks and if you’re feeling photogenic share a picture on out social media sites so I can see just how creative you’ve been.

Can’t wait to see you all in salon again soon

With Love from

Jodie XX