How to look 10 years younger.

The secret to timeless & beautiful looking hair.

It’s a fact that hair begins the maturing process from the age of 30. The natural keratin in our hair starts to demise, hair becomes fragile, lifeless & lacks lustre. The natural Melanin that which colours our hair reduces, meaning our first greys become noticeable.

We can disguise those greys by using our fantastic permanent colour range-Viton Age Expertise.

  • covers 100% of those first signs of Maturing Hair.
  • Helps to restore the important strength and vitality.
  • Nutra-care complex with vitamin H to strengthen the hair structure increasing its density after colouration.
  • 7 fashion shades & 5 Natural shades that are intensive and exciting bringing back the vibrancy to white hair.

Prolong the youthfulness and vibrancy of these colours at home with help from the expertly formulated Clynol Q10 Boost Care range available at Caprio’s. This care range ensures the delicate balance of replacing the lost Keratins & Moisture in the hair is achieved, and the becomes noticeably stronger & shinier with regular use. By rebuilding the inner structure of each strand right from root to tip, Q10 Keratin Booster helps bring back the bounce & Gleam of youthful hair. Also combined is Collagen that protects the outer treats to the hair & antioxidants that vitalize & repair the inner structure.


Use every day & leave for 2 mins before rinsing.


De-tangling & smoothing

Fortify Treatment

Use as a Once or twice weekly boost for 5-10 mins