I simply can’t live without………

There’s so much choice when it comes to hair products.  We only stock high-quality products because the ingredients are of a higher grade which means they’re more water-soluble which in turn prevents less build-up and layering on the hair.  I asked each of the Caprio’s Stylists to choose their TOP THREE ‘Simply can’t live without’ products………

Here’s what our Designer Jess selected as her TOP THREE products……

Whipped CreamNo 1 Product: Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Costs: £16.79 200ml

I can’t live without this product because……..not only does it make the hair feel silky soft but it helps to improve the hairs elasticity making it stronger for longer. Gorgeous is the word I’d use for the smell!


Spray Wax

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No 2 Product: Spray Wax

Brand- Paul Mitchell

Costs: £16.50

I can’t live without this products because…….when you spray it onto your hair after Blow Drying to accentuate the texture in the hair cut it doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or tacky like some waxes can. It has a light hold to it to help your style last longer.


Shaping Foam

No3 Product: Shaping Foam


Costs: 15.99 175ml

I can’t live without this product because……..it gives the hair body and volume, its medium hold helps to keep your style in shape and the added bonus is that due to the lemon scents your hair smells super fresh.