I simply can’t live without …..

Every stylist at Caprio’s has their favourite products, some like firm hold some like light hold, some like lots of body some like sleek and smooth styles…….. I asked each of the Caprio’s Stylists to choose their TOP THREE ‘Simply can’t live without’ products………

Here’s what our Director Alyssia selected as her TOP THREE products……

Whipped Cream

Almost good enough to eat!

No 1 Product: Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Costs: £16.79 200ml

I can’t live without this product because…….. it’s an amazing leave-in conditioning product for all hair types, no greasiness because its lightweight but effective, can be used on both wet hairs prior to blow-drying and on dry hair the next day to refresh and dry-style your hair. Its smells AMAZING, look like Whipped Cream…….not sure it tastes like it though



Styling Potion

This product makes me jump for joy!

No 2 Product: Styling Potion

Brand- Milk_Shake

Costs: £13.99

I can’t live without this products because……just a couple of pumps of the potion distributed into the palm of your hands then evenly distributed through the hair prior to blow-drying is very lightweight leaving the manageable to blow dry and style. I LOVE this product!



Spray Wax

A light mist is all you need

No3 Product: Spray Wax

Brand: Paul Mitchell

Costs: 16.50

I can’t live without this product because…….. it helps me create amazing texture, unlike some wax in a pot, it’s very lightweight but quite firm so holds your style whilst emphasizing the cut.