I Simply Can’t live without……

As hairdressers, there are certain products we simply can’t live without.

The 3 chosen by Salon Owner and Consultant Jo.

Whipped Cream Milkshake Products

No 1 Product: Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Costs: £16.49 200ml

Whipped Cream leave-in Conditioner is just one of those products I can use on all hair types, lengths and thickness. it doesn’t overload the hair, in fact, I find it gives the hair a little more life due to its lightweight formula. It instantly de-tangles longer hair and nourishes dry thirsty hair. Apply it to clean damp hair or to dry hair the second day instead of washing it and you’ll find it instantly gives the hair a just-washed feel. if you like vanilla then the smell of this product alone will be a firm favourite with you too.


Curl Hold Products

Play my Curl Hold clip x

No 2 Product: Curl Hold

Brand: Ghd

Costs: £12.95  120ml

Curls are still a key trend this season and I personally don’t think that’s going to change for a while yet. Curling your hair with ghd’s can be tricky and certainly one to practice.



GHD Products


To help prevent your curls from dropping throughout the day or evening spray a mist of ghd Curl Holdover the strand of hair before curling. Its heat defence ingredient will protect your hair from damage and the curl hold formula will hold the curls in stronger for longer. I wouldn’t dream of curling without it in the salon on my clients or at home on my own hair.




Texture Matte Clay

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No 3 Product: Texture Matte Clay

Brand: Matrix

Costs: 13.95

No short hairstyle can be finished off to perfection without some sort of wax. I always use Matte Clay to finish off my short hair cuts to define the texture and layers created. This wax is creamy in the hands , firm hold but not sticky or greasy. A firm favourite of mine and one I always recommend to all my short hairstyle clients.