Life VS Vanity

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A Hairdresser or Barber can be fined if found doing home visits during Lock Down!

Vanity Can easily overtake wisdom, it usually overtakes common sense

Coronavirus has effected us all in a way we never imagined. The country was locked down on Monday 23rd March 2020 when we were all asked to Stay at home, work from home, stay away from anyone not living in our households. It was a shock to everyone I think even though we could sense it was coming.

Having to close the salon was upsetting not just for me as the business owner but for the team and of course our clients. Our hair is important to us. The worst off I believe are our colour clients, colouring our greys can take years off our real age and generally make us feel so much better. Next would be our short hair clients because shorter structured hair styles need regular maintenance. And of course we are a unisex salon so our Gents are suffering too, although I guess we may see a few home shaven heads walking back in at some point.

There are solutions for those of us in need of a colour, we can use a temporary coloured powder or a spray to cover the root re-growth, we can tie our hair up and tuck our hair back behind our ears to keep us looking a bit tidier. Simply solutions, not always ideal I know.

Taking all this into consideration you simply can’t put a price on someone’s life and you certainly can’t trade it for the sake of vanity. With lock down easing at what now seems to be a fast pace there are still certain regulations that need to be followed to avoid another COVID 19 Spike.

Salons, Hairdressers and Barbers are currently still NOT ALLOWED too operate be it in a salon environment or a home visit service.

No hairdresser or Barber, salon based or those that offer a mobile service, should be offering home visits at this time and when the time comes for us to pick up our scissors once more, there are lots of Health & Safety regulations to follow.


The government will inform us when it is safe to carry out such a close contact service. Fingers crossed that time will very soon be upon us, but even then there are lots of rules and regulations to follow.

Hairdressing and Barbering, is a close contact service. We will have to wear aprons to provide a barrier between us and the client. Studies show that Coronavirus may very well live on fabric but for how long isn’t known yet. Which is why our team of stylists and assistants will always wear a new disposable apron for every client and will not wear the same items of clothing two days running. Not only that but they will have to make sure the clothes they have worn that day are kept away from their other clothing at home until washed or put on a (HOT!) wash cycle as soon as possible.

All the equipment we use will be disinfected before and after use for every single client. No comb, brush, scissors or clippers can be used without first being disinfected. In fact our tools will remain in a Barbicide Solution until the very moment they are needed. Gone are the days we could store our tools in a tool belt or a bag.

I know many people are feeling down becuase their hair is a mess and I appreciate that some of you are still going into your place of work so can be in the public eye, but we’ve invested the last 11 weeks into staying safe and helping to save lives…..don’t buckle at the last hurdle by inviting someone into your home , wait until your salon re-opens or you stylist returns to work before you even contemplate getting a hair cut. If you don’t not only will you be putting yourself at risk but you will be putting everyone else in your household at risk too.

The objective was and still is to save lives and to protect our NHS. You’ve all been doing a great job so let’s continue to save lives and put our vanity on hold just for a few more weeks. Referring to the quote above….. use your common sense don’t let vanity overtake it.

Jo Salon Owner

Salons around the country have been working really hard during lock down adapting their businesses to implement social distance safety procedures. Support them , after all ‘We’re in this together’…. aren’t we?’

With Love

Jo & Team Caprio’s XX