New Year, New Hair!

Well, that’s 2013 over and done with. What will 2014 have in store for you!!!

Have you made any New year resolutions? We all seem to make the same ones every year….eat healthier……..keep fit……..loose weight. Well, all these are a good lifestyle choice and will make us feel and look better. But one of the best ways to make you look better is to make an effort with your hair.  I bet you’ve experienced that moment when someone asks you if you’re not feeling too well or if anything the matter, that’ll be the day you didn’t have time to do your hair (or couldn’t be bothered!)  changing your hairstyle, whether it’s adding a fringe, changing your hair colour slightly or simply just spending time on the blow Dry, does get you noticed. people may not recognise exactly what’s different about you, but they notice, and usually, they’ll comment and compliment you on how well you look.  Which in turn will make you feel good about yourself. So what changes do you have to make to achieve this……..Not many and the results can be instant. Ok, so you may have to get out of bed a little earlier so you’ve got time to spend on your hair, but it’ll be worth it. Book yourself an appointment with our stylists now and they’ll do a FREE style & colour consultation with you. Together you can look at pictures of what you do and don’t like, which colours would look great with your complexion and how to achieve the style you’ve always dreamed of. All these changes can be done as soon as you’d like them to be, which means your first resolution can be ticked off your list sooner rather than later. You don’t even have to wait months or even years to get long, swishing hair anymore. With Great length hair extensions, we can make your dreams/resolution come true. Check out some of these transformations we recently did.

Short Hair Transformation

Short & Sassy

Hair Extensions Transformation

Hair extensions

Thickening Hair Using Hair Extensions

Thicken hair up with extensions

Long Hair to Short Hair Transformation

New Year, New you!

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