Salon VS Mobile

Process of Nanokeratin SystemThere’s so much choice today when it comes to selecting where to have your hair done. Every high street  predominately consists of Hair Salons and Barbers so there’s certainly no shortage and no excuse not to support the high streets.  Freelance stylists are on the rise due to Government legislation but do you really want to have your hair done in your kitchen? Do you really want to hang over the kitchen sink or bath to have you colour washed off? Make your stylist a drink instead of them pampering you and making you one, having to sweep/hoover the floor yourself to get rid of the hair cuttings, risk staining your floor with hair dye, having to deal with the laundry of wet towels, not to mention being disturbed by the telephone, parcel delivery, neighbour popping round. Doesn’t sound very appealing does it! One of the highest priced services we do is Hair Extension applications costing anywhere between £300-£1000. Why do they cost so much? because we use premium extensions, Great Lengths Extensions are 100% Human Hair, traceable, completely ethical, with a choice of over 55 shades, not to mention the most important part of our application is that we use a COLD FUSION  system so there’s no heat used in the bond between your own hair and the extension. We always carry stock of various colours so we can be sure if we need to add a different colour to ensure the colour match is spot on we have them to hand. We also have more than one application machine so if one has a mechanical fault we can still carry on and not have to leave you with half a hair do!  Having a team of three Extension Specialists means if your Stylist is off sick we can still go ahead with your service. It takes 3-4 hours so we know its not easy or practical to just simply reschedule at the last minute. Oh and talking of 3 to 4 hours….. we will pamper you whilst you are in our company, we provide free cappuccinos, hot chocolate, tea, coffee,  orange juice and snacks. We also provide a nail kit so you can paint your nails too. There’s no pressure to have to make small talk you can either chill with a magazine or chat……. the choice is yours. One issue I hear time and time again from Clients that used have a mobile Stylist come to their home  is that they feel obliged to carry on using them for their hairdressing services even when they want to go back to a salon, they feel trapped! awkward and embarrassed to have that face to face conversation.  Imagine having to have the awkward conversation about not really liking what your Stylist hass done in the confines of your own home…..not nice! Using a salon doesn’t put you in that position, its a professional environment where you are the client, you are in the salon to have some time to yourself, to be pampered and escape the rat race. We also provide a tiered pricing structure so we can offer services to accommodate most budgets. (Check out our Services page to see our price guide). A massive incentive to visiting a salon is that we INVEST IN  EDUCATION, expanding our SKILLS and EXPERTISE by taking time out to ATTEND TRAINING COURSES and DEVLOP OUR HAIRDRESSING SKILLS. Visiting a salon for your hairdressing services is not just a treat , although it is a treat having your scalp massaged whilst you lie back and relax at the backwash…….you can’t do that over the bath!!!, its time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of home life. Have your hair done in salon and return home relaxed, de-stressed with gorgeous hair ready to take on your next role oas Mom, Wife, Teacher, Chef etc etc etc.