Skin tests for all colour clients.

Skin Test update for all Colour Clients

Why we’re a professional Salon….

At Caprio’s we’re always looking for the latest products, services and Colouring brands. We know how important your hair is to you and how a colour can transform dull, grey or bland locks into luscious, shiny, colour beautiful tresses. Every now and again brand manufacturers change a formula in the hair dyes to improve the longevity and performance of the hair colour. When this happens we have to ensure all our colour clients have a skin test to make sure they’re not allergic to any of the changes that have been made within the ingredients or any of the Colour brands we use.

Our company policy is to skin test every colour client.
We know this can be a bit of an inconvenience, but it only takes seconds and is it’s in your best interest. Allergic reactions to Hair Colours can be serious and in some cases fatal.

That’s why we’re asking ALL our colour clients to pop in for a Skin test.
It needs to be carried out at least 48hrs prior to your colour service and will only take seconds, All we do is pop a small amount of hair dye behind your ear and away you go.

Leave it on for a Minimum of 45minutes, unless you get any adverse reaction, in which case take it off immediately and consult your GP.

Once this is done we can confidently carry on with your next colouring service.

That’s why we’re professionals……
we do cut hair, but we don’t cut corners!