Stay calm and step away from the home hair colour.

Colouring Hair
Don’t do anything drastic!

Desperate times require desperate measures but don’t panic just yet. We’re all experiencing difficult times right now with the threat of Coroniavirus all around us. The Government has placed the country in Lock Down and its weird and scary. Team Caprio’s are finding it difficult too, we’re used to seeing lots of different people day in day out so to suddenly to be cut off from our colleagues, friends and clients comes with its mental health challenges. We’re now on DAY 4 of LOCK DOWN so I’m sure you feel the same anxieties too. Don’t add another challenging factor to it by using a home colour on your hair. You’ve spent lots of hard earned cash over the years visiting the salon for professional hair colouring, advice and home care products…….don’t wash all that down the sink now by turning to home hair colour kits.

Eight reasons NOT to home hair colour

#1 And the MOST IMPORTANT …….You have to do a skin test at least 48 hours prior to using them. Our NHS is stretched beyond means right now so the last thing you want is an allergic reaction to home hair colour that requires medical attention.

#2 They always come out darker than you think. If I had £1 for every time someone walked into my salon saying ‘I only put on a light brown and it’s gone black’ I would be a very wealthy lady.

#3 Different brands of home colour are not compatible with other brands. If a new client comes into the salon with home hair colour or box dye as we refer to it, on their hair we always carry out a compatibility test first. The last thing you want is hair that represents shredded cotton wool. That’s going to make LOCK DOWN so much worse than it already is.

#4 The Fourth issue is overlapping the colour. If you don’t colour just the root regrowth and you overlap the colour onto hair that doesn’t need colouring you’ll create a build up of colour, colour banding that is hard to shift leaving you with a colour darker than anticipated therefore making it look like the roots haven’t covered properly.

#5 is the state your bathroom will be in. Dark, Red, Copper, brown, whatever colour hair= white bathroom suite=disaster! Not only do you run the risk of staining the sink but imagine the damage a tiny droplet of colour on the floor could do when you walk it through the rest of the house, especially on the carpet!

#6 There are no salons open to rectify a home colour gone wrong. There’s a reason hairdressers train for three years before they are classed as fully qualified. You simply cant replace years of experience with a home colour kit.

#7 You’re always going to miss sections leaving you with a patchy result. This will cost you in the long run when having it rectified in the salon at a later date.

#8 This is the second most important one after #1………PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR AT HOME. There are so many rules to bleaching hair but the one you need to know first and foremost is that it will keep lifting until there isn’t anything left to lift…….ie, HAIR!

I know its difficult to look in the mirror when you have grey hair waving at you (and it does wave at you I’m convinced it does) without a sinking heart but there are alternatives you can use until we re-open.We stock a brand called COLOURWOW, they do a small pallet that resembles an eyeshadow pallet. It has a mirror and a doubled ended brush, small side for creating a highlighted effect and a larger side to cover larger root areas. It’s not expensive at around £28.99 and will last you far longer than we will be on LOCK DOWN. It’s cheaper than a hair disaster and you need only use it when you need to. Obviously we cant sell you any because we’re not open but it is available on the website. It’s easy to use, far easier than other roots cover up sprays that not only cover your roots but the surrounding area where you sprayed it. They can also make your scalp dry and flaky with a build up of it unlike COLOURWOW which doesn’t do either of those. You can sleep, swim,sweat and still it remains on the hair.They offer 7 different shades but if you’re unsure which one would be for you if you’re a client of ours feel free to direct message me on our Facebook or Instagram page. I can access your colour records and advise you on which colour I think would do the trick for you. It is also available on the QVC website which is even better as they do a 30 day money back guarantee.

There are other products you can use too……..coloured styling mouse, coloured shampoo and conditioners and for those of you that are blonde……silver shampoo, just don’t over do it eh!

So that’s home hair colour covered for now. During this difficult time we’re going to post regular articles on how to cope with your hair during LOCK DOWN so stay tuned, follow us on social media and remember……..TOGETHER WEV’E GOT THIS!

With Love