Styling Tips from your Stylist

Lucy Brushing Hair
CLICK on the image to see Artistic Director Lucy sharing Styling tips.

Hi everybody, It’s day 6 of Coronavirus lock down and this blog comes to you love and well wishes. Team Caprio’s are used to seeing so many people on a daily basis, which is why Salons across the country have been closed by the Government along with shops, bars and restaurants. It was virtually impossible for us to social distance. we’re very tactile and close to our clients and our team mates. Some of you may be quite handy when it comes to styling your own hair but some of you won’t be which is why during the lock down period we are going to share hair advice, styling tips and general information with you on how to get through this difficult time in our lives. For those of you that aren’t very good at styling your own hair the only saving grace is that we can’t go out anyway so nobody else is going to see you and that everybody is in the same boat so you are not on your own and the most important one is that people are fighting for their lives, the NHS is stretched to capacity and hundreds of people are dying so it really doesn’t matter what we look like so long as we are well. Emotions are running high and all of us are feeling very low, scared and anxious which is why our Artistic Director Lucy wanted to say ‘Hi ‘to everyone and share a few styling tips. If Lucy is your stylist( and even if Lucy isn’t your Stylist) please share her video message with your friends and family. Its uplifting to see a friendly face……….. and a beautiful one at that it is too!


With Love