Unlock the secret to thicker, fuller more beautiful hair

Want thicker hair?

Caprio’s Hair Studio isn’t just any old Salon, we don’t just cut hair. We stay one step ahead of the rest by constantly attending training courses. In fact, the team have attended over seven training courses this year alone. Education is really important to us as is your hair which is why we’ve just successfully completed our training and knowledge on the new and very exciting product to hit our hair care shelves…..Viviscal Professional. ‘What is it?’ I hear you cry……Viviscal Professional is the key to thicker, fuller healthier hair. Viviscal Professional is a scientifically formulated drug-free food supplement that supports healthy hair growth from within. It is super enriched with essential ingredients for optimum healthy hair growth. These include the proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C (TM). It’s recommended you take two Viviscal professional supplements daily for a minimum of six months. They work out at only £1 per tablet, which is far cheaper than a cup of coffee.  Viviscal works in four stages over a six month period but most users notice a difference after just three to four months. Recommended and used by A-list celebrities, celebrity stylists, trichologists and dermatologists worldwide.  So what are you waiting for?………now the secrets out….go get some!