Winter Hair Hacks

Winter wonderland weather is great for the soul(if you’re a fan of the white stuff!)but not so good for your hair.

Cold, frosty, wet winter weather arrives and out come the wooly hats, the heating comes on and we dash in and out of the damp. All this can play havoc on the hair but fear not we have a few little tricks up our sleeves to help you get the best out of your Winter 20/21 hair

So , let me guess you’re probably experiencing if not one of these issues then more or ALL….Static hair, dry hair, matted hair, lank hair or flat hair….let’s deal with them all one by one but before I do you have to remember your hair is a fabric, treat it like you would you favorite dress, use the best product to wash it with, don’t let it get all crumpled and screwed up, make sure it’s dried in the correct manner , if it starts to fray a little get the loose ends trimmed off, OH,,,, and be careful when you iron it!


Don’t you just love a winter wooly hat! Brilliant for those bad hair days, you know the ones where you haven’t washed it for 3…ok 4 days. Plonk a hat on and a multitude of sins hidden right there. That’s the bad, can’t be bothered to wash it, hair days sorted but what about the days that you have beautiful clean hair but simply can not go out without a hat….it’s waaaay too cold!

When the temperature drops your hair picks up an electric charge causing dry static hair.

The moment you take your hat off the hair becomes static, it sticks to your face and simply won’t calm down. There’s such an easy solution you won’t believe it….a tumble dry sheet!!!! yep you read correctly, take a tumble dry anti static sheet and gently run it over your hair this help to calm the electric charged static strands. In fact why not line your wooly hat with the tumble dry sheet before putting it on. Not only will it help to reduce static but you will have the sheet to hand the moment you remove your hat wherever you are AND as an added bonus it’ll smell all clean fresh and lovely.

  • Dry Hair

Central heating, what would we do without it, brilliant for keeping us all cosy and warm indoors but it does have an adverse effect on our skin and our hair. Hands up if you slather extra moisturiser on your face during the winter months, most of you right so the same rule applies for your hair. Remember how I said your hair is a fabric….it needs a nice moisturisng cleaning agent to wash it in and then you need a fabric conditioner to make sure it’s soft and silky not brittle and dry other wise it’s going to be harder to iron feeling rough and gritty when it’s dry…same rule for your hair. Use a Moisturisng Shampoo to cleanse with then add a Conditioner or even better a Treatment to create a soft silky finish.

If you want me to recommend a moisture treatment then I absolutely love Milk_Shake Moisture File. It’s a small tube of oil that you apply to the hair after Shampoo instead of conditioner( sometimes I’ve layered Conditioner on top of it toonfor an extra Moisture kick) leave for a few minutes whilst you shower then rinse. The results are quick, easy and instant. You can buy them from us for only £5 per file

Another great little tip is something most of us have to hand wherever we go right now and that’s hand moisturiser . Dab just a very small amount into the palm of your hand, rub it into your skin then softly glide your hand over the top layers of your hair mid-lengths to ends. This will help with the dry ends and static.

For long term solutions Team Caprio’s LOVE Davines Oi Oil. It’s a lightweight super smelling serum available in 135ml or 50ml which is handbag size so easy to drop in your bag. It is one of THE most lightweight serums ever used so can be applied two or three times a day to help add moisture into the hair or maintain moisture levels in the hair.

  • Matted Hair

Oh this is something all of you with mid-length hair or long hair will experience during the winter months. Definitly when you’ve been wearing high neck jumpers and scarfs. Those tiny neck hairs that tangle and twist around each other in the base of the neck. OR matted hair due to getting caught in and out of the winter drizzle, lovely Winter walks that started off with sleek smooth hair ending in wild waves of frizz, I can put my hand up to all of these.

Not an easy solution but rather than leaving the hair in free fall where it can wrap around itself try styling it in a soft chunky braid, or two if you prefer to see hair around the sides. A great tip for the neck hair problem is to invest in a faux fur head band or something similar that goes all around the head clamping neck hair underneath it. You’ll look super glam and stylish.


If you suffer from lank hair due to wearing a hat in the Winter months then flipping you head upside down on removing your hat will loosen the hair strands and add body for a quick fix. If the hair is lank because hat wearing is making it greasy then you need to invest in a Purifying , or a scalp cleansing Shampoo to gently cleanse the scalp.

Some people are under the impression that greasy hair needs washing more often which isn’t always the case as stimulating the scalp with massage will encourage the sebum flow to the surface of the scalp ( Sebum is the natural oils) resulting in more natural oils being produced. Less washing but with the right shampoo is our recommendation

If this doesn’t work then swap the hat for a stylish faux fur headband so the scalp can breathe but your ears are warm


For dry , matted and static hair invest in a silk pillow case not only will it help reduce static in the hair, prevent hair from matting and stop friction on dry hair I hear they are great for helping to reduce wrinkles on the face!

Whilst we’re all in Lock Down #3 use this time to treat your hair to extra Moisturising deep conditioning treatments, Leave them on whilst you do your Zoom meeting, do the ironing , cook the tea, what ever it is you’re doing take time to care for your hair.

I could see and feel a huge difference to the hair of those people that used regular treatments on their hair during Lock Down #1. Less heat styling tools and more good quality treatments had a massive effect.

Hope some of these tips and tricks help you get the best out of your hair this Winter. Unlike most I am a lover of Winter, I love to see the frost and walk in the snow. The picture I’ve used is from my walk this morning. At -4 is was what you could call a chilly one.

Look out for my next article on ‘How Often Should You Visit The Salon‘ to keep on top of your hair colour and hair health

Until then Stay Safe and keep smiling

With Love from