Flirty Fringes


A fringe brings structure to a hairstyle and great option if you dont want a complete restyle but fancy a change. However there’s lots to choose from and the shape of your face needs to be taken into consideration or it could be a complete disaster.

Round Face: short & sweet

Long Face: peek a boo, eyelash tickling and blunt

Oval face: peek a boo, eyelash tickling, blunt, whispy, sweeping.…pretty much any fringe.

Fringes are riding high in the fashion stakes at the moment but you have to make sure your fringe is maintained regularly, like every 2-3 weeks at least. We offer a FREE fringe maintenance for all our existing clients because want your style to look tip top at all times… after all you are our walking advertisement!!

Don’t be fooled into thinking a fringe will be low maintenance  though because although they are striking they can tend to defy gravity first thing in the morning. Nothing a quick damp down, application of ‘Milk_Shake whipping cream’ leave in conditioner and a harsh blast off the hair dryer can’t cure.Make sure you direct the air stream from your dryer down the hair shaft towards your nose and with the protection of products a quick straighten with your ghd’s. DONE!! and for those mornings where there just isn’t enough time time(because the bed was way too comfy) then twist it away from your face and secure with a stunning glittery hair clip.

 Top Tip: Don’t try and maintain it yourself, fringes can be temperamental so leave it to the professionals