ghd Curve curls at Caprio’s Hair Studio

GHD Curve Curls

At last……………! Hair has been so straight for such a long time now that I’m glad to finally see some movement, body and volume back in hair fashion. ghd revolutionised hairdressing when they launched their fabulous range of straighteners and now they’ve done it again and launched a range of Curling Wands & Tongs, Yes you read it correctly…Tongs!  For those of you that partied through the ’80s, this is daunting I know but fear not, these tongs don’t leave you with an ’80s looking perm effect, oh no, the results are soft, bouncy, sexy curls that last. Curls are everywhere we look now and what’s great is that you can have curled one day, then straight hair the next if you so wish. Me (Salon Owner, Senior Style Consultant & Extensionist)  and Katie (Caprio’s ghd Ambassador & Salon Style Consultant) went along to the ghd Curl workshop to see these fabulous styling tools in action. We had great fun (even though it was a Sunday morning!) curling, twisting and fluffing hair to every inch of its life. the results we can achieve are wonderful. Although we’ve been teaching you to curl with your ghd styling irons we do appreciate how hard this can be for non-hairdressers. this is why the new ghd Curve range is so great, you can use them and get the same effects your Hairdresser can. To enquire about Caprio’s ‘Curls Night In’ evening where we will teach you and your girlfriends to use the new range over a glass of wine, CALL our team on 01384 402890.