Colour Collection

At Caprio’s, we offer a variety of colouring systems to suit all hair types, from eye-popping brights to sleek subtle shades. Just adding new colour gives a whole new head of hair. Whether your a colour junkie or like to play it safe, colour can take you from flat to fabulous.

Here’s what our great quality professional colours have to offer:

Permanent, vivid, intense lasting colour with conditioning care in one. One of the key ingredients is Sejan Seed Extract that helps to strengthen the hair structure from within creating ideal colour coverage into each hair. over 100 shades to choose from.

For those clients who understand the benefits of specialists skincare as they age will appreciate Viton Age Expertise. It’s packed with luxurious caring ingredients and helps to deliver that extra coverage required to conceal those unwanted grey hairs.

And for all those clients out there that want fabulous colour results in a flash will love Speed 10 colouring system. It’s a rapid response colour service tailor-made for short hair or regrowth as it develops in 10-15 minutes. Great if you want a colour service in your lunch break or are just generally pushed for time.

Ammonia Free:

Gentle permanent colouring service with even more caring benefits. Unique moisture care molecules bind with water molecules to lock essential moisture deep into each hair for exceptional smoothing, shine-enhancing, beautiful colour results.

35 shades to choose from. 100% grey blending.


This semi-permanent formula offers up to 70% white hair blending and is the perfect solution for clients wanting to camouflage those first signs of grey or those that enjoy frequently changing their colour.

lasts up to 25 washes.

Colour Shine:

The pleasant smelling, gentle, ammonia-free colour system containing an innovative reflective technology that helps the colour get kissable close to each hair strand without affecting the hair natural pigments. Colour shine works beautifully as a rapid colour refreshment with up to 40% grey blending and a gentle fading action.

The possibilities are endless but don’t worry about which one is for you, our expert hairdressers will discuss your colour options with you during your consultation.