Everything you need to know before visiting our COVID SECURE Salon for the first time

Scissors, Brushes and Combs Sign
One of the many precautions in place

Right!…..are you sitting comfortably? This is everything you need to know before arriving for your long awaited hair appointment. Not long to go now!


  • All appointments must be made by telephone- Online- bookings temporarily suspended due to managing the bookings for a safe and comfortable salon experience. Please respect Team Caprio’s down time and do not attempt to contact the salon OR your stylist through social media for appointment requests. Our staff are working long hours and their down time should be just that. Thank you for your co-operation regarding this matter…..the salon telephone number is 01384 402890.
  • Only arrive at the salon if you have an appointment- You will NOT be able to simply walk into the salon when passing. To reduce the risk of failing the social distancing regulations the front door may be locked, if it is open it’ll be for ventilation purposes.
  • A CLICK & COLLECT service is available should you need to stock up on hair products in between salon visits.-Your stylist will tell you more about this on your next visit but in the meant time visit our website for all COVID-19 updates.
  • We recommend you book your next appointment before departing the salon- with reduced availability you can be sure to book the best date and time to suit you
  • If you decide you want a complete colour change or a new hairstyle please call us with at least 24 hours notice- Unfortunately we can’t always accommodate last minute changes without prior notice as the timings allocated for services can differ. If we can’t fulfill your request for a colour/style change on your existing appointment we will certainly book it in for your next visit.


  • Please pay by Card where possible
  • You can also pay via BACS in advance for Hair Extension services should you prefer


  • We must stipulate that you arrive for your appointment ON TIME– DO NOT BE EARLY AND DO NOT BE LATE…..sorry to put you under pressure! We can only have a certain number of people in the salon at any one time. If you are early please wait in your car. If you are late please call us when possible. However, please be aware that if you are late, for whatever reason, we will only be able to carry out a service for the remaining allocated time. We really don’t want to disappoint so your co-operation will be gratefully appreciated.
  • Please adhere to the 2 meter social distancing rule on entering the salon- The salon has been set out with this in mind. We have reduced the amount of Styling Stations in salon and spread the remaining out with a 2 meter social distance between them. We want you to feel safe in our Salon.
  • As you enter the salon a hand sanitiser pedestal has been provided- Please sanitise your hands on arrival and departing the salon. Your stylist will greet you in reception and take you straight over to the styling station.
  • Please adhere to the 2 meter social distancing rule on entering the salon- The salon has been set out with this in mind. We have reduced the amount of Styling Stations in salon and spread the remaining out with a 2 meter social distance between them. We want you to feel safe in our Salon.


  • Unfortunately we can NOT safely accommodate multiple people in the reception waiting area- we have removed most of the waiting seats due to social distancing regulations ,therefore, we can not accept bookings for children that require adult supervision or can NOT visit us on their own. Please don’t be offended by this we simply can’t have children wondering around the salon or have parents/guardians waiting in reception. Once the restrictions have relaxed we will certainly take children’s appointments once again
  • Don’t bring a friend or family member- However much we would love to meet your friends and family, unless you both have an appointment AT THE SAME TIME with different stylists then please ARRIVE SEPARATELY. If family members have appointments one after the other, one of you will need to wait in your car until it is time for you to enter the salon.
  • We have provided a contact free coat hanging area- Clear garment protectors are provided for your coats or jacket. And clear protective bags are provided for your Umbrella. We would usually take your coat from you and hang it up for you. I’m sorry to say that some of the nice touches in customer service has take a hit from Coronavirus and we ask that you do this yourself to reduce the amount of unnecessary contact.


  • Don’t panic I know a lot of salons are not opening their toilets for clients but rest assured our TOILET FACILITIES WILL BE OPEN for you to use. Please sanitise your hands before entering and on leaving these facilities.


  • Our usual presentation of nice cups & saucers have been shelved for the time being- We will be providing you with refreshments served in disposable cardboard cups with lids to reduce the risk of contact spreading Coronavirus. Wooden stirrers, sealed milk pots, sugar sachets and sealed treats will also be provided.
  • Feel free to bring your own bottle of water should you feel more comfortable but I’m sorry to say that food can NOT be consumed in the salon.


  • Magazines have all been removed from the salon- you are invited to bring your own entertainment such as a magazine, book, ipad and earphones…….alternatively we love to chat and can’t wait to catch up with you all so talking is good too
  • If you are working from home then please feel free to bring a laptop and catch up on some work.


  • If you are lucky enough to have an appointment but then find for whatever reason you need to amend it please do so within 24 hours of your booking. We will be operating a waiting list which means we can offer your appointment to someone else giving them plenty of notice.
  • Our CANCELLATION POLICY states you provide us with 24 hours notice to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


  • Masks are ARE mandatory for Clients in the salon, I recommend it be a disposable one and not a fabric face covering, if you are having a colour it will get colour stained. We will replace your disposable mask if it gets hair dye on during a colour service but will not be responsible for any colour damage done to fabric face coverings.
  • Forgot your mask, don’t panic you can puirchase a disposable mask from us for £1.00.
  • Team Caprio’s will be wearing Visors, Aprons and Gloves.
  • Other than applying colours ALL hair styling services MUST be on freshly washed hair therefore your hair will be cleansed in salon by your stylist. Gloves will be worn for this part of your service but once we have cleansed the hair we are allowed to remove our gloves.


  • A PPE fee of £2.00 will be charged for every salon visit.-This is to cover the amount of disposable PPE needed to carry out your service safely. We will not be providing plastic disposable gowns are we believe these will be too warm and uncomfortable therefore every Client will be provided with a pre-packaged single use fabric gown. You will be handed this package by your stylist. Again we would usually gown you up but to reduce the amount of physical contact we ask you remove the gown from the package yourself and put it on.
  • As soon as regulations ease and PPE is no longer required then this sundry fee will no longer be charged.
  • Hand Sanitiser is provided on every styling station for clients and staff use.


  • Yes we will be Blow Drying your hair. No restrictions have been put on Blow Drying at this stage so rest assured your hair will be professional Blow Dried.

Well hopefully that answers any questions you had regarding how we operate or Caprio’s ‘new norm’ as everyone is now referring. Some of the requirements above may seem extreme and a tad regimented but I’m confident you can appreciate a lot of thought has gone into the health & safety of both staff and clients to ensure we do our part in reducing the risk of Coronavirus infection. Hopefully one day soon we can relax some of them and return to some form of what was once referred to as ‘normal’

Please do not hesitate in picking up the telephone if you have an unanswered question or concerns. We’re here to make your visit safe and comfortable and one you will be happy to repeat.

A full Risk Assessment has been carried out and is available to view should you want to.

Team Caprio’s are very excited about our return and are all looking forward to seeing you very soon.

With Love

Jo & Team Caprio’s xx