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So we’re now on DAY 5 of Coronavirus lock down and some of you may be concerned as to how you will get your Great Lengths hair extensions removed when ALL salons have been forced to close.Well, DON’T PANIC!

If you’ve recently had an application of Great Lengths extensions at Caprio’s then you have nothing to worry about. Great lengths extensions last anywhere between 3-5 months so they’ll see you through this period of lock down providing you look after them. I’ll come back to maintenance in a moment.

For those of you with extensions that were due to be removed then you too DO NOT NEED TO PANIC!

Great Lengths recommend that bonded extensions remain in the hair anywhere up to 5 months. Providing you continue with the daily routine of brushing and separating around the attachment area you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects from the extensions staying in over the recommended time frame.

We urge you to maintain rather than attempt to remove your extensions yourself. Attempting to do so could cause damage to your hair due to a non-professional removal by a CERTIFIED Great Lengths extensionist. Most people find they naturally lose a few towards the end of the application life span anyway. If this is the case and we are in lockdown longer than initially anticipated again you do not need to panic, some or most of the extensions will slide out of their own accord.


Maintaining your extensions is easy that’s the beauty of Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions they need basic maintenance, unlike micro rings that require regular trips to the salon.

Following these maintenance tips will provide you with maximum longevity:

  1. Only use the brush we provided you with when brushing over the attachment area and brush regularly, twice a day or more is recommended.
  2. Separate bonds if they become tangled by simply teasing them apart. Tangling can occur when individual strand of your own hair intertwine with each other. You probably automatically do this anyway but we’ve all got time on our hands at the moment so no excuses.This will prevent any matting.
  3. Tie the hair up at night in a loose band or scrunchie style band. Throw your head upside down and loosely secure the hair on top of your head at bedtime.
  4. Most of us are usually time poor so why not use this period of lock down to treat the hair. Great lengths extensions are Indian hair, Indian hair craves moisture so apply a deep conditioning treatment once or twice per week or simply leave your usual conditioner on for longer the result will be worth it.
  5. Remember DO NOT USE PANTENE shampoo or conditioner on the hair. You invested a lot of money in the extensions so make sure you use professional products to maintain them. Great Lengths do their own range of products, you can take a look at these on the Great Lengths Website, but here are some others that we have used and know are perfectly safe to use too: SexyHair Long Hair Bow Out Blow Dry Spray, De-tangling Shampoo and Conditioner. Milk_Shake Integrity treatment., Yogurt Mask, Milk Mask and Milk-Shake Moisture Treatment File. Serums can be used too as long as you run it through the mid-lengths and ends only. Do not apply a serum to the bond/root area as this may cause the extension to slide out. Unsure which one to use then pop over to our Social media page and direct message me. I’ll point you in the right direction.
  6. Finally, if you are using this lock down time to practice your curling technique do not clamp the attachment bond between your straighteners or around your wand. You’ll melt the bond and cause matting.

We are experiencing unprecedented times right now and appreciate it can cause concerns. Team Caprio’s are going to help you look after your hair during lock down. Advice, hair tips and general hand holding will be available through emails, social media and blog articles like this so stay tuned for our next article coming soon.

Together we have got this!

With Love