How often should I book my hair appointment?

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to how often you should visit the salon in order to keep split ends and grey roots at bay. Yes it can differ slightly form one person to another depending on the condition, thickness and length of the hair so I’m going to try and simplify this for you.


Ok so this one is pretty straight forward.

If you have a short sharp precision hair cut then you need to be booking your regular hair cuts every 4 weeks. This will make sure your hair looks perfect at all times. Nice sharp lines, texture is on top form and no stray over the ear hairs or nape hairs that can spoil a short sharp sassy hair style.

For long hair styles then yes you can probably get away with leaving 6 weeks between salon visits for a hair cut. The reason we say no longer than 6 weeks is because of split ends. There is only one cure for split ends and that’s the scissors I’m afraid. Leaving split ends to their own devise will only result in them splitting further up the hair shaft so what started out a slight split end has now resulted in you having to have more cut off.

The above very often happens when the hair is left too long in between hair cuts because you want to grow it. Yes leaving visits longer will mean the length is retained but what condition are the ends in? Most likely the ends will become dry and then split and there really is no point in having long hair if it looks like an old frayed rope. Regular hair cuts will maintain the ends which in turn may take slightly longer to grow but will grow healthier and look far nicer in the long run.

So to summarise 4 -6 weeks for a general hair cut.


I feel your pain….I have grey roots and they become visible every 2-3 weeks. I do think my hair is quite quick to grow so again if your hair doesn’t grow as quickly then this may differ by a week or so but certainly not much more than that.

How visible the grey re-growth is will also depend on the depth the hair is being coloured too. The darker the hair colour the more noticeable the grey re-growth will be. Blondes can go longer in between grey coverage visits because the contrast between own hair and coloured hair is less noticeable.

If you have a brunette colour on your hair and you have grey hair naturally then I recommend you visit the salon every 4 to 5 weeks. I can pretty much guarantee if you stretch it out longer you won’t make plans to go out and meet up with friends(Obviously post Lock Down!) on week 6+ because you’re not feeling quite as nice with a big band of grey re-growth. Nobody wants to put off going out now do they! On top of that there are photographs being taken everywhere today what with camera phones attached to everybodies hands all the time, don’t get caught on camera with grey roots.


Process of Highlights

This is one of the lower maintenance hair colouring techniques, not the lowest that’s Balayage which I’ll be coming onto next.

Foil Highlights are weaved out strands of hair that are coloured either lighter or darker than your own colour to create a dimension of colours. Because it is strands that are weaved and not colour painted directly onto the scalp the growing period doesn’t leave you with a block band of colour. Therefore, you could leave no more than 8-12 weeks in between visits depending on contrast of colour applied and natural colour. However, I must stress if you have very light blonde foil highlights then in order to maintain the tone of blonde you’ve chosen you will need to visit in between these 8-12 weeks for a toner to freshen the blonde and get the ends trimmed too.


4 to 6 weeks for a toner and a trim

8 to 12 weeks for Foil Highlights


What! I hear you cry…. yes it is quite a mouthful and if you can’t pronounce them don’t worry you’re not alone. Balayage is the French term for Freehand. This is a colouring technique that has been around for years now. Stylists have put their own spin on the technique and either incorporated foils and freehand to create Foilayage or Balayage and Ombre to create Balayombre.

Any of the colouring techniques above are quite low maintenance from a root regrowth perspective providing you don’t go much darker or lighter on the roots to your natural colour. The maintenance with these colouring techniques comes with the tone of the hair. If you have a very light blonde then you will most likely need a toner on the ends in-between full colour services. Grey/ silver/blush/ash blonde tones will absolutely need freshening up every 6 weeks when you visit for a hair cut.

Because of the freehand bespoke colouring technique applications of any of the Balayage/Ombre/Foilayage mentioned above takes more time than any other colouring technique which in turn will cost you more to have done. The reason I mention this is because there is no point paying top dollar for beautiful hair then 4 weeks later it looks yellow, dull and lacking shine on the ends. It will need a top up, So, yes as far a root re-growth is concerned it is low maintenance but high maintenance as far as the blonde sections are concerned.


4 to 6 weeks toner re-fresh and Trim

12 weeks full Balayage application and trim


This is the most high maintenance of hair colouring.

When lifting hair to it’s maximum lightening capacity undertones are exposed, you know the ones …yellow and orange. Also the re-growth will be prominent at least every 4 weeks. Both these issues will need addressing regularly if you want your hair to look gorgeous at all possible times.

So, root re-touch every 4 weeks, at least, and a toner, Cut and even a hair treatment to nourish the hair after it’s been lightened. In between salon visits you will need to make sure you have the right hair products to maintain all this at home. Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep the brassy tones at bay. You may leave the salon a stunning silver grey but the yellow under tones will start to fade back in if you don’t keep on top of your colour at home. Our stylists will advise you on home hair care with any colouring service to make sure your hair stays great in-between salon visits.

With any hair colour there really isn’t any point in spending your hard earned cash for a beautiful hair colour to then just use any old shampoo etc at home. You will simply be washing your money down the sink. I always use the example of buying new suede boots and then not spraying them with suede protector, going out in the rain and damp weather repeatedly and expecting them to still look fab…it won’t happen. Protect your hair, invest in it and it will look newer for longer.


Bright, Bold, Fun Fashion colouring will require regular aftercare.

There are colouring techniques stylists can do in salon to help achieve maximum colour vibrancy to rich, bright, bold colours such as Pre-filling the hair before your bright colour choice is applied. Again this takes time as its an additional step to just the one colour being applied BUT it WILL help to POP the colour out so you get a brilliant colour vibrancy that will last longer, however it will cost more but you have two choices….

1- Spend your hard earned cash on a rich red, copper, pink, or whatever colour it is you’ve chosen and leave the salon looking fabulous

2- Spend your hard earned cash on a rich red, copper, pink, or whatever colour it is you’ve chosen and leave the salon looking fabulous and it lasts longer is shinier and has just that little bit more edge on how vibrant the colour really is

Bright fashiont colours are more likely to lose the vibrancy quicker than other colours mainly due to them having to have been pre-lightened first before the fashion colour is applied. You absolutely will need to visit the salon every 4 weeks if you don’t want to resemble a sucked out ice lolly.

Having experienced three National Lock Downs now I’m sure you agree how important it is to stay on top of your hair colour and not push the weeks you visit the salon as far away as you can. This applies to a hair cut too. How many of you reading this right now would love to be able to either get your colour attended to or your dry split ends trimmed? I know I’m desperate to and I’m a hairdressers so you guys must be more desperate than me.

Hopefully we will be able to re-open the salon soon. I recommend when we do you book at least three visits spaced over the coming months. Once we have an opening date( I will be in touch) work out the dates you want to book in and we will sort you bookings out for you. This way your are more likely to stick to them, trust me you will see a huge difference in your hair colour and condition. You’re friends can snap as many photos of you as they like, post them on social media and you can be confident your hair will look tip top at all times.

Keep a eye out for future emails and Blog posts on our website regarding the re-opening of hair salons.