How to create super sexy soft waves using your ghd styler

Blonde Transformation

Super sexy soft waves

Practice makes perfect is rule #1… you’ve mastered the art of straightening your hair you’re qualified to move onto the next stage of curls and waves.

Equipment needed:

* Platinum Styler. We’ve got a great choice in salon including Blush, purple, black and white and limited edition sets

*Ghd curl hold spray. This heat defence spray also has a hold factor to help lock your Style into place after all your curling hard work

*A comb to help you section your hair

*Ghd final fix hairspray to weather and party proof your hair


*Starting at the nape of your neck take either a large section for softer bigger looser curls or a finer section for tighter stronger curls, clip the rest of your hair up out of the way.

*Spray your heat defence through the section before your even contemplate curling (or straightening) the hair.

*Now pick up a small section of the hair, angle your styler the same way you would if you were about to straighten the hair but once you’ve clamped your styler on the hair take hold of the other end (the end with the plates) and then turn them away from your head as you slowly glide it down the hair.

*Follow through right to the end so of the hair and Voila! Your first curl creation…….continue all the way through the hair alternate the curls so one curls towards the face and the next away from the face so the finished result is more natural.

Glide Down The Hair Slowly Turn It

Glide down the hair slowly turn it

Completed Curl

Completed curl

Curls Ready To Be Dressed Out

Curls ready to be dressed out

Super Sexy Soft Waves

Super sexy soft waves

Continue this through all your hair until you have a head full of ribbon effect curls, then gently run your fingers through to break them up and texture the hair.

Finish with a mist of ghd final fix hairspray…… go out and show off your fab hairdo.

How-To Video