How to create texture and waves

Curling Hair with Straightners
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Day 7 on Coronavirus lock down and its time for a tutorial from our Senior Designer Jess on how to create texture and waves using your ghd styler. Very often we here our clients say that they can’t master the curl, tousle or texture technique so now is a good time to start practicing. Lets face it you’ve got the time and if it doesn’t quite turn out how you wanted it to the first time then so what!…….nobody is going to see it anyway and by the time you have mastered it we’ll back out into the big wide world with fabulous curls, waves and tousles. Senior Designer Jess has a medium length bob so hair this length doesn’t need a strong curl or you’ll loose the length, just a soft tousle will create texture and volume. Make sure you twist the tousles alternate directions, for example if you take the first section and twist it away from your face make sure you twist the next one towards your face, repeat so on and so forth. Hope this makes sense. CLICK ON the image to watch the video created by Jess.

What you will need:

1)Your hair should be completely dry. Section starting in the nape of the neck securing hair with a butterfly clip

2)Spray the hair with heat protection- We recommend Sexy Hair Protect Me, OR Control me, ghd Heat Protection spray OR Curl Hold Spray

3) Ghd Styler– Our favorite is the Platinum+

4) Take a small section in-between your fingers (or comb if you can) then holding your styler in a vertical angle clamp the hair and slowly twist at the same time as running the styler down through the hair

5) Alternate the direction as mentioned above, towards the face , away from the face, towards the face , away from the face……….

6) Repeat section by section until you reach the top sections. In this video Jess has applied a couple of drops of Davines Oi Oil. to add moisture and shine. Distribute through the mid-lengths and ends, Comb the tousles out with your fingers or a soft brush.

Ta Dah!……….. Keep practicing but remember HEAT PROTECTION Spray is a must. We’d love to see the results so why not pop over to our social media pages and share a picture with us. You’ve spent the time practising so why not show it off somewhere.

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