What I simply can’t live without….

Our Senior Designer ,Lucy,  joined team Caprio’s over a year ago now and the moment she got her hands on Milk_Shake products she was truly madly in Love with the whole range. Each of our Stylists has their own Top 3 favorite products. They’re the products they reach for first when styling guests hair, the products they simply cant live without and the products they would certainly recommend you invest in when buying hair products.

These are the Top 3 Products Lucy wants to share with you…

Whipped Cream

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No 1 product: Whipped Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake

Cost: £16.79

I simply can’t live without this product because…… It nourishes and protects the hair from environmental damage and heat styling torture. It is applied into pre-shampooed hair prior to styling but can also be distributed into dry the hair the following day to refresh and soften the hair again before you re-style. The smell is amazing……it’s called whipped cream, smells like whipped cream and quite frankly every time I use it I can’t help but comment on how much I LOVE the smell.


Argan Oil

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No 2 Product: Argan Oil


Cost:£21.00 50ml

I simply can’t live without this product because…….Argan Oil is sooooo beneficial to the structure and condition of the hair, it helps to nourish and strengthen the hair structure which will reduce split ends, softens the hair to reduce frizz and improve manageability. The shine it gives to the hair is an added bonus. Argan oil  can be used on it’s own or mixed into Whipped Cream to give the hair that little extra nourish. In this clip I’ve created a Milk_Shake Argan oil Cocktail…..no it’s not drink(although very tempting!) its to distribute through the hair. Double Whammy!

Smoothing Cream

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No 3 Product: Smoothing Cream

Brand: Milk_Shake Life Styling Range

Cost: £15.99 150ml

I simply can’t live without this product because……..as you can see from the image the smoothing results are great. This particular client has strong waves through her thick hair. Distributing a small amount through  pre-shampooed hair reduced the time it would normally take to achieve such smooth sleek results, the image shows the results before I’d even run the straighteners through. Milk_Shake have certainly got me hooked on their new Life Styling range.