Introducing Designer Laura

Laura - Hair Designer

Let me introduce you to one of our newest team members Laura. Laura has been hairdressing for over 10 years so no stranger to cutting & styling hair. She has a passion for dressing hair for special occasions such as weddings, parties and red carpet events and as most hairdressers have today, a love for colouring hair. Before joining Caprio’s team Laura worked at another local salon not too far away. Having worked with most of the colour brands out there puts her in good stead for converting clients from one colour brand to another. Laura has joined us at a Designer level which means her Reshape & Finish price is only £35 and as a guide to what you can expect to pay for a colour service her Balayage colours start from £93. She’s experienced in all aspect of hairdressing including gents cutting and clipper work.  If you haven’t already met Laura then she’s a lovely fun person, bubbly with a great sense of humour and most importantly a team player.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see some of her hair work. New and existing clients welcome.